The Awakening


The Awakening

“She Who looks outside, dreams; She who looks inside, awakens.” - Carl Jung

For the Woman Ready to Awaken into Her Highest Self

And in doing so; 

connect to her Full inner power

Uncover her soul's Deepest truth

and become unstoppable with her mission...

If this is you, my beautiful soul sister, 

Welcome Home.

{ Before going any further, watch this brief video to see if this program was created for you...}

My Soul Sister,

I want to take a moment and speak directly to your soul. I don't believe in selling you or trying to convince of anything -  I believe your soul/gut/instincts already told you if this program is meant for you. That's right, within milliseconds of you landing on this page, or even when you first heard about it even before you clicked. A higher part of you led you here, and a inner whispering twinged you with a bit of excitement. That was your soul speaking to you.

I'm simply following the calling I had to create this program for you, and sharing what's possible for you if you trust your instincts and take a leap forward in faith and trust...

Are you one of US? 

If you're in a place of feeling;

  •  like something hasn't quite clicked for you yet in terms of your purpose, your mission, your truth
  •  if you happen to be an entrepreneur (and even if you aren't) and have lost the fire in your belly you once had (or are still yet to discover)
  •  if momentum, excitement, inspiration in your life seem to have come to a stand still
  •  if you still feel like there's a part of you holding back in some way

You're in the right place.

In the Awakening 6 week Live Online Program, you will;

  • Learn how to become more intuitive - Our Best Guide is Inside. No more desperately spending thousands of dollars to find answers outside of you. You will be empowered with how to find your own truth from your infinite inner guide - for the rest of your life. 
  • Uncover what your truth is that lights you up beyond measure and makes you magnetic 
  • Tap into your infinite source of inner power, becoming unstoppable with your mission and message
  • Understand where your secret feelings of sadness or energy drain may actually be coming from and how to flip this around immediately anytime they creep up
  • Why you may be playing small with your dreams without even realizing it, and how to release these anchors now so you can fly freely
  • How to create a new reality starting today (not how you may think!)
  • How to clear old stagnant energy from your home, your Self, your car, your workspace - anywhere :-) 
  • Intro to Meditation for even the busiest of minds (I never though I could meditate, until this...)
  • How to actually increase your sense of self worth, freeing you from external ties that bind you in self doubt
  • Inviting ease into your life to grow your desires exponentially (hustling and grinding is so last year ;) ) "The more in tune with the Universe that you are, the easier your life will be" - Gabby Bernstein.
  • Connect with your Ultimate Purpose, and start leading from your deepest source of power, starting today.
  • Awaken into your next level of consciousness, so you are free to be, do, and have everything this infinite Universe has waiting in store for you...


The Awakening is a 6 week live course with me online, the only of it's kind, and perhaps the only time I will be personally involved LIVE with it. It's for the woman ready to increase her Spiritual Self Development, to become unstoppable, infinite, exhilarated and adventurous in all areas of her life. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, whether you are newly discovering your Spiritual side or are a seasoned Earth Angel - if you have a calling in your heart to step deeper into your soul and live fully into your limitless potential, leaving no regrets on your deathbed - this. is. for. you.


Feeling Called to Discover the Truth of Who You Really Are?

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What's Included


Everything you need (period) to awaken to a deeper level of your Highest Self, your Highest Path, and your Deepest Truth. This 6 week live program is a Spiritual Starter Kit designed to connect you to your inner infinite source of power, so you become UNSTOPPABLE with whatever is in your heart to create, and completely MAGNETIC with your message. This ranges from interactive video trainings, live calls for deeper 1x1 coaching and intuitive guidance, a private intimate facebook group to connect with your fellow soul sisters and me on a deeper level, and some certain additional bonus resources I feel will further you exponentially along your journey as they have for me. 

  • 6 Live Interactive Calls with Me for Experiential Training and 1x1 Coaching (one per week)

  • Interactive Facebook Lives for additional support, guidance, personal clarity for you in addition to our calls

  • Intimate/Private Facebook group for more dedicated support from me and your fellow Awakening Soul Sisters

  • 6 Coaching Session Modules for Deep Soul Transformation

  • Monthly Money Manifestor Workbook (the exact steps I took every month to grow my income exponentially, using my Intuition, the Universe, and my most joyful/creative desires)

  • My exact Morning Ritual Recording - learn how to ground yourself, clear your energy, open your chakras, set your intention, and protect yourself from energy drains within a quick 7 minute recording

  • Inner Power Exercise - do this to immediately turn your biggest self doubts into your hugest leaps forward

  • Intuition Strengthening Guide - specifically designed for your own Intuitive Language

  • Dream Discovery Meditation and Workbook (this 10 minute meditation alone changed my life)

  • BONUS: Access to the Dream Clarity Program (!!) For those ready for a deeper clarity on their Life's Purpose


The Journey


  • Once the small window to register closes we will get started on our 6 week journey together! You will be guided through an enlightening, expansive, 6 week inner awakening experience - leaving you feeling renewed, re-energized, and re-born into a brand new Higher Level and deeply awakened version of YOU. You will be far more connected to your own type of Intuition, trusting of your instincts, understanding of the difference between fear based resistance and a soulful intuitive warning, how to tap into your inner guide for direction, clarity, and guidance, what your true voice is longing to say, your calling, your truth. And connecting you to your deep inner unlimited well of power within. 


  • The end result is you walking away with an inner peaceful power and confidence unlike anything you've experience before. You will be magnetic, powerful, and feeling as though you are rising into the truth and fullest expression of who you were truly born to be...because you are. 


  • I will be offering live training via facebook live in our private intimate facebook group each week. Of course replays will be up for listening to at your leisure. There will also be an accompanied module to further integrate what we've covered together each week, into your own unique being and personal life. We will have a live call together as a group every Wednesday, with an immediate replay available for anyone unable to join live. This is your opportunity for 1x1 coaching, and you are absolutely able to submit questions in advance if unable to attend live. We will also have opportunities to connect via FB live, and within our private intimate facebook group.

        This flexibility is to ensure every woman from all time zones can comfortably participate :) 


Module 1 - Creating a New Reality, immediately


Module 2 - Why Do I get Sad - And How to Feel Uplifted, Energized, Empowered again


Module 3 - How to Be More Intuitive - learn to ask (and trust) your inner guide for your highest guidance rather than blindly trusting people outside of you


module 4 - Intro to deep meditation - for even the busiest of minds


Module 5 - How to Raise Your Own Sense of Self Worth - Free from the ties of self doubt that bind you


Module 6 - How to get into flow with the universe for maximum (limitless) results in your life and biz. Less grind more growth (confessions from a recovering workaholic). how to create infinite richness from a place of ease, peacefulness and joy. Peaceful prosperity is the new hustle. Here's how...


***BONUS SURPRISE TRAINING only Members will find out about!! I love surprises, and this is my way of sharing that love with you!! ***


F A Q 


It's still summer time, I just want to enjoy it. Will you run this program again another time?

What's truly remarkable about this course is that it isn't designed to feel like work. It will feel like you are emerging into a higher level of consciousness, which brings about a heightened sense of joy, awareness of love and light around you, and a deep gratitude that this is your life. It's been designed in such a way that you can learn the lessons while driving, (listening in to replays) or going for walks or even folding the laundry. The written modules are streamlined and to the point for those who learn better through writing. You get to decide how much time you'd like to spend on them, if any. They are supplementary to what you will be learning from the facebook lives and group coaching calls. Any practises that you are offered between sessions, you get to choose which fit into your life, and which don't. And of course - the program is designed to teach you how to enjoy your life EVEN MORE - so why wouldn't you start now?!

Regarding if I'll be running this program again. The answer is - I don't know. I don't have plans to again this year, and have been feeling an inner niggling that this will likely become a self-study program (meaning no live involvement from me) after I run it this one time live. 

PS - our official start date is just after August, so you still have the rest of the month to soak up the sun :D

What's the course load like? I'm super busy already, not sure I will have time for this?

Isn't it amazing how busy we can be being busy - and yet still be feeling less than 'full' in the enjoyment of our lives? It's because being busy become the popular and acceptable thing to be. "How are you?" - "Busy!"
Wouldn't it be amazing to tap into ease and flow, in such a way that you are not only enjoying your life fully, but also exponentially increasing your desired results faster and with greater ease? 

That's what this course is about. Not taking time away from you, but showing you how you can create more time, more ease, more joy, more abundance, and more purposeful and powerful results with your life and biz. 

Is there a payment option?

I asked my inner guides around the pricing and pricing options (as I'll train you how to do if this is a newer concept for you) and was told that by making this a paid-in-full only program, it will attract only the most committed and dedicated for this live round with me, which is exactly who I'm looking to work with. If this course ever runs again, it will likely be as a self-study (no live component with me) and I may offer payment plans at that time :) 

Who is this program for? What if I'm not a coach or entrepreneur? 

Looooove this question! This is the first time I'm offering something open to any woman feeling the inner nudge to awaken into her next level of consciousness. Whether this spiritual stuff is fairly new to you (perfect) or you are a seasoned earth angel (also perfect) this is to move you into your own personal next level of connection and trust with your soul guidance, truth, and power. 

When you tap further into this, all aspects of your life will be affected for the better. It all starts with you, and discovering the truth of who you really are. 

I'm still not sure, what should I do?

Go with your first gut instinct. That was your soul's highest guidance connecting with you. If your very FIRST instinct was excitement, inspiration, joy, fascination - this is for you. Even if milliseconds later you started hearing the debbie-downer ego chime in with "yeah but it's still summer...." or "yeah but we really shouldn't be spending the money right now..." - if you will move forward in faith and trust, I will show you how to start moving forward in leaps and bounds within our time together...but you've got to be the one who takes a leap of faith by joining me first, so I can! :) 

What if I'm new to all this Spiritual/Universe stuff? 

Then you're in the right place. Trust :-) 

What if I'm already deeply in tune with my inner spiritual side?

Then you definitely know there's always room for expansion :-)  Even the Universe is still expanding. What I'm feeling for you is the Universe is inviting you to stretch into even greater levels of consciousness. It's why you were brought here :) 

Something inside is nudging me to take the leap. I feel excited! But also really nervous and maybe even a bit intimidated, what should I do?

At the risk of sounding completely biased, ABSOLUTELY if you feel any kind of inner excitement pang, even if it's mixed in with nerves or excuses/reasons to delay from ego, this is meant for you. Intuition whispers, ego yells. 

Listen to the whisper this time, and I will show you how to develop this gift even further within our time together, so you can start moving forward in leaps and bounds, with ease.


Trusting my quiet inner whispering as led me to creating a life far beyond what I ever dreamed possible for me even just a short time ago...

Would you like to do the same, beauty?


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Interesting Story of How this Course Came to Be...



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Wanna know how you can join us for 1/2 price? Or free? AND receive a 1x1 coaching session with me?!

I'm not crazy, I just trust my inner guide with my life now. The one that has never steered me wrong, has always had my back, and has taken me down paths I had no idea where they would lead - but opened up to an experience of this life far greater than I ever dreamed possible for a girl from a small town in Canada with very humble beginnings, that was never really extraordinarily talented at anything.

Would you like to become more connected to this inner guide, your Higher Self, too? 

{ Doors closing soon}


Here are the last words I heard before I made the biggest, scariest, and GREATEST leap of my whole life...

Jump, and the net will appear.