“Thank you so much Jennifer! I’ve learned tons and you have saved me a ton of money and time trying to figure it all out on my own.” –KN


“Thank you so much Jennifer! I’ve learned tons and you have saved me a ton of money and time trying to figure it all out on my own.” –KN



“I decided to go for it!! Im not sure what made the deciding factor but your blogs about making a change have been very inspirational and I’ve been at it for a while on my own and just needed an extra push I think! I wasn’t ready to commit before when you invited me to join but here I am in week 4 and loving it so far!!”  -LB



“I am overflowing with gratitude to you right now my dear. You have been blessed with an incredible gift and I’m profoundly grateful to you for following your dreams and sharing your gift with us. I’m not sure I can put into words how I feel but I’m going to try. To say thank you just doesn’t do justice to my feelings right now but I don’t know how else to say it. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for inspiring me to reach for more and follow my dreams. I am truly blessed and honored to have had this experience with you in my life.” – LM



"…If you are not available I am still excited because I have finally sent you a message and made a connection. I have loved following your journey while I have gone through my own. You have always been a shining light, even though we don’t know each other you have affected my life and I am forever grateful for you!” – KF


“I don’t think I have ever had that much open dialogue with one person for that long that seems so fluent. Not to mention how good it felt to open up and discover something new. I definitely know why you have followed this path as you make it easy for people to communicate with you as you plant seeds of encouragement and possibilities…” - KLN


“Hello Beautiful!! Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU! Our chats together have really helped me! They’ve stopped me from procrastinating and finally moving ahead with my dream business! Finally getting things done and moving forward!!” - EG



“Can I just say a huge thank you Jen…you have been an inspiration and the fact that you took the time to come and meet with me because you saw I was struggling in life and wanted to share your bright inspiring light that has helped me get back on the path to feel like myself again is something I can’t thank you enough for.  I feel like I’m living again and not just stumbling through life. So thank you a million times over. You are truly a beautiful soul who cares deeply for others and I can only hope to aspire to be as caring and compassionate as you one day!!” – AJ