Hello my beautiful soul sister,

I just spent the last few days in Boston, preparing for some big things I have in store for the modern women of the world (like you!) who are ready to discover, and live, their purpose in this life…in a BIG way.

And it involves me having to share my deepest truths, with a lot more people than ever before.

I’m so ready for this now, because I believe , that when we share our deepest, truest self with the world, we become a beacon of light for all those still stuck in their dimness of fear and a life half-lived.

And I’ve learned the 3 key steps in truly discovering, owning, and speaking, our truth that I’m going to share with you below.

What about you, beauty?

Are there any secret passions, beliefs, or desires that you have only shared discreetly with your closest friends? Or maybe you haven’t even dared share with them before.



Is there something inside you that would LOVE to see the light of day, if given the chance? 

Maybe you know exactly what that something is, or maybe you are still trying to understand what that whisper in your soul is trying to tell you, but you know it’s there. 

It wasn’t long ago, that I was doing, thinking, and saying everything that I believed I was supposed to. 

Not because I was trying to be a phoney, but because I didn’t realize I was just going with the flow of what was considered normal and acceptable, rather than tuning in to what was real for me. 

I did things like;

- go to College even though I had no desire to, before realizing my intuition was right all along and it was a mistake (for me) and working up the courage to leave the campus, and my money, behind.

- getting a ‘real job’ in finance, instead of listening to my heart and pursuing photography, until 9 years later

- quoting interest rates, the minister of finance, and making economic predictions at real estate meetings

- not speaking my deepest truths on love, the Universe, energy, angels or my deep intuitive connection

- living in the same town I was born in for a decade longer than I wanted to, because that’s what a lot of my friends did, that’s where my family was, and I thought I was a terrible person for desiring to leave for California

I lost years of my life living in such a way that was completely out of sync with my soul, ,and as a result, felt this undercurrent of unhappiness as the baseline of my existence. 

And just in case you might be feeling this way too beauty, I wanted to write to you today.

jennifer jayde (1 of 1)-9.jpg

There are 3 key steps I took that really helped me discover my truth, own it, and soon - share it even more deeply with the world…

1) Have a conversation with your Higher Self - whichever way you connect best, perhaps through journalling, meditating, or simply closing your eyes and asking the question “what would excite me to be sharing in the world? If time and money were of no consequence at all, what would be the most joyful way I could feel a sense of meaningful contribution in the world?” 

2)   Filter your fears - for any reason you have not already stepped into this next level truth for your life , fast forward in your mind to the end of your long, happy, fulfilling life. Reminisce about all the amazing things you did, shared, contributed and achieved in the world. Think of what your life was like because you owned your truth fully. 
Now do it again, feeling into what life would have been like if you continued to dim yourself year after year out of fear. 

3)   Small steps, over time, yield magnificent results - commit to one new way of expanding into your truth this week.

- Perhaps normally you dress up when you don’t actually want to, or maybe you're the type who dresses down when you actually love dressing up (like me!) -  so you can avoid being judged by others - it’s time to dress for you.

- Maybe you bite your tongue when you want to share what you truly believe, for fear of what another person might think - it’s time to own your truth, while still giving space for others to have their own thoughts and beliefs, too. 

- Or is there a dream in your heart that you’ve never shared, because you think it’s too impossible, and you don’t want to be laughed at - my friend, find someone who believes in the limitlessness that you truly are, and share it with them! Say it out loud! Bask in how freeing and exciting the energy is when you are sharing your dreams with a trusted friend.

Above all else , remember that what the world needs isn’t another clone of everyone else - what the world needs is YOU, being you. 

Owning your light, and sharing it as loudly and as proudly, as possible.

We need you, lovely.

The real you. 

Love you girl xo

Follow Your Heart Always,