I always get caught a little off guard when people come up to me and tell me how lucky I am, or how brave or courageous I must be.


I’m not fearless, gorgeous.


In fact, I still find it challenging to go after my ever-evolving dreams.


Because they stretch the latest version of me, to move beyond into the next level of me.


I push myself beyond what’s comfortable.


I decided long ago that I was more uncomfortable being comfortable, than finding out what I am truly capable of.


And though it may appear to look easy from afar, I assure you, it hasn’t been.


Because if it was easy, it wouldn’t be stretching me, growing me, or expanding me.


My leaps from a 9-5, to an award winning destination photography business, to an international coaching business, may seem courageous according to people I meet, but what it really comes down to is this;


Growing my Trust and Faith in the Universe.


You see, lovely, I started with baby steps.


I started by learning to decipher between real fear, and illusionary fear my inner critic would have me believe.


I started realizing I would rather die trying to live my dreams, than be paralyzed by the fear of never accomplishing them.


And I took consistent action, over and over, and over again - that was well outside my comfort zone.


Learning to trust my inner guide wasn’t a clear path - because sometimes my inner critic would fool me in to believing it’s fears and excuses as truths.




So I started with small baby steps before I started making bigger and bigger leaps with my life - and you can too, beauty. Here’s what worked for me…


To start creating a stronger and clearer bond with my inner guide, I;


1)    Simply started listening - what was it trying to tell me? I would get still and separate myself from the noise of my mind, so I could hear the wisdom of my soul. I did this primarily through a daily journaling practise every morning - called stream of consciousness - where I just wrote and wrote from my heart, without allowing my mind to get in the way of what I was writing down. It’s like having a conversation with my highest and best self every day. I also began with guided meditations - my favourites being the free angel meditations from youtube. To get you started, click here for one of my own I’ve recorded for you :-)

2)    Started taking action on the guidances I was given to build my trust with it - because many times my mind would argue that they made no sense, or couldn’t happen - so I needed to learn how to act on faith with what my heart was telling me. For example, if I had the gut instinct to pack an umbrella today, I would. If I had the gut instinct to go the long way home from work, I would. If I had the feeling not to trust someone, I wouldn’t. Sometimes, I would be the rebel child and go against what my inner guidance was telling me - like the time it told me to where boots to an Engagement photoshoot I had booked when I was still a photographer. I decided the boots didn't match my outfit and declined to listen. And the sun was out so it made no sense! Ten minutes into our outdoor shoot - you guessed - downpour.

3)    Once I started getting a good grasp of which voice was my inner guidance and which was my inner critic, I started to become more trusting, and take bigger leaps. I allowed it to help me make decisions with my business - which interviews to accept and which to shy away from. Which clients were a good fit and which might be a headache. What type of program I should create and when.

4)    And then I realized, this inner guidance thing really does have my back - at all times, every time. So when it came calling to tell me it was time to change businesses, I listened. When it told me to invest in a high level, luxury business coach that I didn’t yet have the money in the bank for - I did it. And when it told me to write these very words to you today, I wrote them.


Can you see, how the stronger and more clearer your bond is with your inner guidance, the bigger and bigger leaps you can take with creating the life and business of your dreams?


This is what I want for you, beauty.


To live in full alignment with your purpose and passions. To live an exhilarating life.


To live a life of no regrets.


To continue to stretch, grow, leap, and expand.


To trust.


To dance with life.


I promise, it will dance right back with you <3



Your friends will wonder how you got so brave.


But you and I will know the truth - you just learned how to take bigger and bigger leaps -


until you began to fly <3



Follow your heart always,