Hello my beautiful soul sister,

I want you to know I can feel you from here <3 Something told me this message coming through me, might be just for you today…

Beautiful soul, I hear your thoughts by the moment, and I feel the energy they envelope you in.

In times like these when you’re being called into transition, the opposition can feel too grand to bare.

The truth is, your head will always, always find ways to pacify you into delaying, procrastinating, hesitating, just a little longer, just a little later...perpetually. 

It uses 2 things the most as weapons against listening to me, your soul, who knows your innermost truth and the path to limitlessly creating it - and they are lack of Money, and/or Time. (Or any other of your biggest fears/most sensitive pressure points and insecurities).

What it’s time for you to know - is the louder that fear based voice gets, the more important it is for your soul to pursue.

Funny isn't it?

The more you feel fear around something, actually the more RIGHT it is for you.

I know this feels counterintuitive - but that’s also why so many people around you are broke and unhappy.

There has to come a time when we feel the fear, and do it anyway - if we ever want anything to change.

There will not come a time where your head suddenly allows you to feel comfortable leaving your comfort zone behind.

No matter what you choose in this time of transition, beauty,  please promise me you won't wait for that day to come before you take action on behalf of your soul (which will always most certainly require you to stretch beyond the deep fearful stories of the head).

You and I only get one shot at this life, and we came here with the mission to first forget our own light - so we could have the expansive experience of finding it again.

And our purpose is then, is to share it with others.

Beautiful, do you remember being a kid and playing that “trust” game where you would fall back into someone’s arms, even when it was scary and you didn’t know if they would catch you?

I promise to always catch you

All I lovingly ask is that you follow your heart. It’s time now, and we’re in this together <3


Eternally Yours,

the Universe xo