What’s with me and crying in public?


I used to be so good at keeping my vulnerability shield up. But that was also before I began my entrepreneurial journey, and learning that often the most impactful entrepreneurs, are often the most vulnerable, authentic, and true to their own voice and feelings.


This past week I was in Paris, graduating from a next level coaching program where I grew close with a small group of women online from all over the world. We shared our strengths, our weaknesses, our triumphs, and our fears.


To meet other women on the same journey as me, through all the similar peaks and valleys I was going through, was incredibly powerful to say the least. I know the bonds we have created will be lifelong, and I am so, so grateful to now feel like I have an army of women behind me (as my newest soul sister Alexandra Prince would say!) as I lead the charge of my purpose and dreams. I am not alone anymore.


On the second day of our live training and graduation. My coach + mentor Emily asked for two volunteers to go through a live sample coaching session. Of course, sessions can often be deep and emotional, so the hands didn’t exactly fly up.


My brave colleague Hollie Tkac raised her hand to take on the role of coach, and Emily “volunteered” me to be the client. She said she knew she could feel an “off” energy with me, and she was right.


You see beautiful, no matter where you are at in your life and the journey towards your dreams - whether you haven’t started on them officially yet, or you are already making great strides, every time you hit a new level - every time you break through one glass ceiling - eventually another one will appear. It’s what growing and expanding is all about.


The only difference between someone who lives a mediocre life, and an extraordinary life - is the person with the extraordinary life kept going. They kept finding ways to break through those glass ceilings. It’s not because they were born with some special talent or gift, it’s not because they are prettier or smarter or richer or live in a bigger city with more opportunities. The difference is ~ They found the support they needed, and they mustered up the courage to feel the fear and do the damn thing anyway!


My lingering fear and energy was because I am about to grow myself and my business into new levels I have not ever ventured into before every in my life. And I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so heavy in my chest over it. I was even stopping myself from moving forward, and I knew that I was, and I could not for the life of me find out the reason. This is why I believe what my first ever life coach said to me - every good coach, has a coach. That I can only lead my clients as far as I have been willing to go myself.





So I got up there in front of my peers and colleagues and coaches, and went through a public coaching experience to find the culprit of my uneasiness, fears, and heavy internal energy.






Tears started flowing almost instantly. That’s okay with me, it wasn’t the first time I had cried in front of my sisters that week.


What came out was, the fear of not being enough. Of not being able to please everyone. And envisioning myself being in a complete state of overwhelm.


My powerful coach went on to ask me questions in such a way, that I brought the very answers I needed right out of myself. I felt like I had purged 1000 lbs of inner self doubt and agony in less than an hour…and I had been spending weeks allowing it to slowly build up.


One of the guest speakers that came to Paris, { Sofie from Hot Rich } said something that resonated with me so powerfully. A quick little phrase that I will never forget…


New levels, new devils.


And it is so, so true. No matter if you are just beginning with your dreams, or well on your journey. It is this thrilling cycle of ideas, fears, then breakthroughs - if you’re willing to go there.


Beautiful, anytime you are up-leveling your life, that inner critic voice is going to crank up the volume on every reason why you shouldn’t. It lives inside of you, and it knows every sensitive nerve to use against you.  - All your deepest darkest fears and secrets, and will use them powerfully to keep you still, safe, and stuck.


But if you can take your imagination one step further….


Think about your life if you do take the risk - what could be POSSIBLE for you!!!


And then think about your life if you didn’t take the risk…what does your life look like a year from now? Five years from now?


If you are facing new level devils, dream doer jitters - I so, so get it gorgeous.


I am facing them too.


The only choice you have to make, is if your life feels mediocre to your right now, are you willing to settle here?


Or will you be one of the few - who risks venturing beyond the norm, beyond whats comfortable and safe - to live the life that IGNITES YOUR SOUL from the inside out?


Life can be a journey along the same safe, known, well worn path that everyone else takes - or it can be one where you see new breathtaking views around each corner, some parts test you, some parts exhilarate you, some parts scare you, and some parts make you feel more alive than you’ve ever been before.


To me, that is what life is all about.


Living an exhilarating life.


Beauty, I know if you are here with me it is because you are at a place where you are truly ready to bust through your glass ceilings, create an exciting life by your own design, and really find out what you’re made of in this life.


I know you’re here because you are meant for worldwide impact, there is a special gift or message in your heart that only you can share - whether or not you already know what that is.


If anything, I hope you will get the support you need, to live out your purpose, your dreams.


The world needs it.


The world needs you, beauty…


Follow Your Heart Always,







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