This whole speaking your truth thing has been a lot more liberating than I realized it’d be. 

I didn’t realize just how much, or how often, I was doing things in my life not because I wanted to, but because I would feel guilty if I didn’t.

Or might feel bad if I shared my honest answers. Or said no.

{ Did I really just say no to someone?! I can’t believe how good that felt! }

Geesh. What about you, beauty? 

Do you ever find yourself doing things simply because you think you’d be bad person if you said no - even though you really don’t want to?

Are you constantly compromising what you really feel, think, or want - because of how it might affect others? 

I honestly had no idea how much this has diverted my life and my dreams, until a mentor pointed it out to me simply by asking me a question - and now I’ll ask you..

Beauty - when do you get to choose YOUR happiness, first? 

Really though?

Here are some of the bigger examples of how I’ve actually derailed my own life and dreams, because I thought I was saving the happiness of the people I love instead..

  • stayed in my hometown a decade longer than my soul told me I actually wanted to be there out of guilt for leaving my family
  • grew a finance business and worked 9-5 in a windowless office, also for nearly a decade, not because I wanted to, but because I thought it would make the people around me proud
  • kept friendships well passed their expiration date, because I thought I should be there for them
  • gave money away I didn’t have to family members out of guilt for their current life situations, and went into debt

Can you relate? 

Is there anywhere you’ve been dimming down your truth, your honest desires, and your biggest dreams, out of fear of what others might think, say or feel? 

Beauty, how many times *a day* do you say yes, when you really mean no? 

The buck stops here.

Today I’m giving you permission. 

Permission to start putting your happiness first.

And begin to see how much MORE that actually serves the people around you!

You will be unconsciously giving them permission to do the same - to start putting their own happiness first too. To go fully after their dreams, speak their truth, and light up the world in a way that only they can.

But you’ve got to go first <3 

Not sure where to start?

 - Next time someone asks you to do something that you really don’t want to do - practise the polite decline. (Bonus points if you don’t make yourself come up with an explanation either!) You’ll actually be teaching them it’s okay to say no to things in their own life too!And saying no to something that’s a “no” for you, gives you space to start saying YES to more of the YES things for you!!

 - Next time you want to do something special for yourself but feel like it’s taking away from something you “should” be doing, feel the self doubt and do it anyway. This will begin to disempower your inner people-pleaser, and empower the strong, incredibly inspiring woman inside you that’s waiting for you to unleash her!

Lead by example of making your happiness a priority, and watch as your loved ones start helping themselves to a little more happiness, too. 

After all, you’re a leader, beauty - and leaders go first… 

Follow Your Heart Always,