I’m getting a divorce. 

I’ll be honest with you, beauty - this year has had some crazy ups…and downs.

It was my first full year in my coaching business (I only got started around the end of October 2015) and it was the roller coaster ride of a lifetime. 

There were some extreme highs…

  • moving to La Jolla (in San Diego, California) from Vancouver Island, Canada
  • launching my first online business, passionately working my little tail off, and shocking myself with the results
  • receiving messages, emails, cards and notes from women all over the world thanking me for helping them change their life - and having never felt more on-purpose in my own.
  • purchasing the exact dream SUV off my vision board
  • travelling to Bali for a retreat and feeling like I discovered heaven on earth 
  • generating nearly a quarter million dollars in sales in my first 12 months as an online entrepreneur 
  • meeting my online soul biz sisters live and in person in Paris
  • Masterminding and connecting with women just crushing it online and in the world, in NYC
  • expanding my belief in what’s possible through intimate trainings with Gabby B in NYC, Brendon Burchard in California, and Mastin Kipp in Toronto
  • creating deep, meaningful friendships with soul sisters and brothers from around the world

but there were definitely some lows, too…

  • constantly living in a space of second guessing myself, worry, doubt and feeling uncomfortable- because I was in a constant state of pushing myself beyond my safety zone - financially, personally, spiritually, and mentally
  • saying goodbye to my Dad, Mom, 5 younger siblings and life long best friends, because my heart told me I belonged now in San Diego - and my head couldn’t understand why (yet).
  • spending way more money and going into HUGE debt investing in myself and my business from the very beginning - never actually knowing if I’d ever see that money again, create any clients whatsoever, or whether or not I’d be successful at all
  • becoming overwhelmed during the launch of my first group program, and having a meltdown on the phone to my private 1x1 coach

And the lowest low was when I realized how much I was holding myself back from what I’m actually capable of in this world - from being my own worst critic. 

The optimist in me though always points out the good news - which is now that I’m aware, I have every opportunity to rise above the illusion that’s been holding me back.

What about you, beautiful?

Have you taken a moment to relive 2016 in your mind, yet?

I bet if you were to take a moment, you’d be able to come up with a list that would actually be pretty impressive to you! 

  • Maybe you did something you always wanted to do for the first time. 
  • Maybe you had a baby. 
  • Maybe you moved into a home you love, or got the job you wanted. 
  • Maybe you fell in love. 
  • Maybe you had the courage to leave a relationship or friendship that was no longer serving you.
  • Maybe you learned something new, or did something totally out of your comfort zone!

What about the flip side, beauty - What didn’t you do? 

Did you stay at a job you know sucks the life out of you? Did you stay in a relationship or friendship you know is no longer serving you? Did you shy away from investing in yourself, or that dream business of yours? 

It’s almost like being in a relationship with two different people, isn’t it? The empowered relationship and the disempowered one, too.

Here’s a promise I’ve made to myself, beauty - and I’m just telling you incase you’d like to make one to yourself, too…

I’m getting a divorce.

I’m divorcing the disempowering voice that tells me I shouldn’t say what I really feel because I might hurt someone’s feelings. (I’ve learned you can say how you feel without being an a**hole!)

I’m divorcing the thoughts that say if I fully express my beliefs, everyone will think I’m cray cray. (Do people still say cray cray?!)

I’m divorcing the woman inside that tells me I am not enough. Not smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough, thin enough, educated enough, rich enough, or influential enough to hang with the big leagues. The ones living my dreams. 

Because my dreams were placed in my heart for a reason. They’re meant for me.

Just as yours are meant for you…

What do you say - shall we start the year off by letting go of the lies - so that we’re finally free to fly?

Up up and away, my beautiful soul sister…I’ll see you in the sky…

Follow Your Heart Always,