I was having one of those days…

Where I felt bogged down by the weight of other people's energy. Or maybe it was a mix of overwhelm, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition choices over the weekend...maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself again, or maybe my husband just wasn't doing the things I wished he would. Whatever the reason, I just couldn't actually place where it was coming from.

I went outside to clear my mind and breathe some fresh air into my soul.

I felt the warmth of the San Diego sun on my face, sat down on the grass, and looked up at the sky for answers…

Have you ever felt that way, lovely?

Like you were all out of sorts, but couldn't actually pin point the reason why?

You tried to shake it off, or think it out, and that still didn't help?

I totally get it. I've had those days more often than I can count.

What I've learned is, our emotions are energy seeking expression, whether we are comfortable expressing them or not. And if you are not comfortable with expressing the emotion that has built up inside of you, it will then choose another, more 'acceptable' emotion to be released as. 



In other words beauty, if you have allowed things that anger you to pile up within you, and you are withholding anger from being expressed because you are not comfortable with that emotion…it will come out as an emotion you are more familiar with expressing. In many cases for women, this is typically sadness.



Which is why, if you find yourself feeling sad and you cannot pinpoint the actual reason why - it could actually have initially been denied and buried anger.

So what should we do - those of us that are just not that into getting angry, and yet are not immune to small daily frustrations or triggers?

We find a way to express this bottled up energy, and place the intention of "release" on it before beginning that activity.

Here are just a few examples of things you could do to release any pent-up emotions that are not serving you in your everyday life;

- running - if you already run, add the intention that with every breathe, every step, you are releasing any unwanted energy. If you don't run but feel compelled to give this a try, check out the Couch to 5k app, or join your nearest Running Room club!

- kickboxing - I am not a violent person, heck I don't even know how to express anger properly! But for some reason it sure feels awesome to kick and punch pads when you know nobody is getting hurt. Set your intention before class starts

- working out - the natural endorphins will also help you feel so much better and happier, but be sure not to get so aggressive in your workout that you are distracted from proper form and safety

- journaling - let it all pour out of your soul, and into your safe writing space

- singing at the top of your lungs

- dancing to your favorite songs like you are Beyonce's newest and hottest backup dancer

- talking it out with your best friend, the world's greatest listener

- performing a Random Act of Kindness - pay for the coffee of the next person in line, write a handwritten note, or send a thoughtful text

- your soul's favorite activity or place ( the beach, the mountains, the forest, your garden, drawing, painting, playing music)

- meditation (here is one by Brendon Burchard on releasing - ** https://youtu.be/v2mY36Ho1Sk (https://youtu.be/v2mY36Ho1Sk) )

- and last but not least, punching a pillow, screaming into a pillow, buying some plates from the thrift store and smashing them, laps at your local pool, a hot bath, sauna or steam room, deep breathing exercises…all beginning and ending with the intention of letting go…

You will be amazed at how quickly you will feel lighter, happier, and ready to move forward. Like a haze was clouding over your soul, and the sun just came out and burned it all away - leaving only brightness, warmth, and reinvigoration.

Next time you are feeling an emotion that you can't quite determine the trigger of beauty - promise me you will give this a try. We need you shining bright, so you can continue to light up the world in the way only you can…

Follow Your Heart Always,

PS There is a woman reading this right now that is meant to be taking the next step in her life. Perhaps her underlying sense of sadness is that her potential is laying dormant inside of her, and she is tired of it. She knows she has a greater purpose in this life, but she just can't place what exactly that is, or especially how to move forward with it. If this woman is you beauty, be sure to connect with me while the door is still open to you. I have 1 final space left in my One on One Program, and it's time we light you up again…