So I just cried on a 787 plane watching the Jem and the Holograms movie on my mini TV.

I wish I was kidding!
(Jem and the Holograms was a super old cartoon about basically a rockstar Barbie. See, I told you I wished I was kidding!)
As a kid I would coax my friends into creating music videos with me.  My first one I remember I was 6 years old, and I choreographed a Jem performance in my carport of just me and my best friend, and invited my Mom, the upstairs landlord, my grandma, and my best friend’s Mom to come watch us. I wore bright pink knee high socks, a ruffled dress with fluorescent accents, and hot pink jewellery.
Totally would have rocked the pink wig if I had it!


Fast forward to today, on our first 13 hour flight to Bali, I see Jem and the Holograms as one of the movie options. Knowing that I have about enough time to watch every single movie on here, I mindlessly turned it on, thinking it was going to be that cheesy movie remake that is never actually any good.



An hour later I’m balling like a little girl.
Here are the 3 biggest things I learned and loved…
Never Fear the Unknown - I can’t count how many times I had heard this through my life, before I finally “heard” it - I know you know what I mean. So long as we listen to that annoying 3rd wheel in our head telling us we can’t, not yet, not now, we’re not good enough, we don’t have enough time, we don’t have enough money, we aren’t qualified, we aren’t talented, we aren’t special enough to go after our dreams, we remain falsely imprisoned.
Maybe you can relate Beauty.
Maybe you have that same voice in your mind that is borderline verbally abusive. Anytime an idea excites your heart, it is quickly squashed by this voice. And this voice knows you so well, it knows exactly what buttons to press; which fears to use against you.
I totally get it.
I understand the paralyzing fears of going against what your mind is urging you to do or not to do.
Slowly but surely I rebelled against this voice. I started recognizing it wasn’t me….it was just something I had to live with… But that I could choose whether or not I gave it power over me.
The less power I gave this voice, the more powerful I become in my life.
This is where I discovered more freedom, more joy, more bliss, and more abundance that I have ever known. And it just started with one small step in the direction of my fear at a time.
Because many times following our heart, also means following our fear.
Create Your Own Destiny - I will never forget when I finally “woke up” to the fact that I had only been existing in this life up until then. That I had just allowed life to happen to me. Sure I thoughtI was creating it, but what I was creating was the life I thought I should have.
The one that society, parents, even other friends, told me would make me happy.  Career, house, car, husband. Your ticket to everlasting happiness!!!!

So I did just that…and I felt so ripped off <<First Name>>, when after working my butt off to achieve all of this by my mid-twenties, I was still unhappy and unfulfilled.
Does this sound familiar to you, beauty?
I have a fierce belief that until we attach our deep soul purpose to our life and our life’s work, we will be left to yearn for true and total happiness.
Life’s work can be anything. Being the very best mother you know how to be. Being the very best housekeeper so you know the joy you will bring to the next tired guests in your hotel. Taking your role as supervisor to heart, so as to inspire and motivate your team inside and outside of the workplace. Applying makeup in such a way that a woman gets a glimpse of the beauty inside her that the rest of us already see without it.
Whatever is in your heart is meant for you, lovely.
And the only thing standing between you and your desires, is an illusionary wall of fear.
When I discovered that I hadn’t been living life, in fact, life had been ruling me, I got the support I needed to get over these fears, and I started creating the life I actually wanted this time…
And so can you.
Use Your Gifts - So many of us have a hard time believing we have any gifts at all. I remember also wishing I could draw like her, paint like that girl, and sing + dance like Beyonce!

I believed these women were born with something I just wasn’t - a special gift.
What I have learned, and what was actually a painful process to do so….
Is that every single struggle in my life, has bestowed a gift upon me.
Every heartache, every immeasurable stressor, every loss, and every defeat…has now given me the gift of relating to those in need.
Think about it, what have been your top 3 toughest struggles or times in your life? Did you get through them?
***PAUSE HERE**** I seriously want you to reflect on what these defining moments or times in your life have been.
Have you ever stopped to think there is a woman out there currently struggling in exactly the same way you once were?
How would it feel for you, to be able to reach a hand back to her, and help her through this difficult time in her life?
This is just ONE example of the many gifts you have inside of you beauty.  Remember our gifts often come to us first disguised as struggle.


Beauty, if you read only one sentence of this email please let it be this one:
You are powerful beyond measure.
You forgot this when you were born, because half the fun is in remembering.
You can light up the world, gorgeous. Yes YOU!!!! I have no reason to lie to you beauty. Please allow for these words to sink in deeper than your inner critic will want you to hear.
It is your light that is calling you. Your purpose. This is the sense of unfulfilment and yearning inside of you that you can’t quite put your finger on. The missing piece to your puzzle.
If you are ready to find it, ask the universe for help and guidance, and then keep your heart open and take action on whatever opportunity or teacher it sends your way to support you.
And please, if you watch the Jem and the Holograms movie and shed a tear too, tell me I wasn’t the only one!! :-)

Follow Your Heart Always,

An incredible book I listened to really empowered me even further to disassociate myself from that terrible 3rd wheel voice in my head that always caused me to second-guess or delay my dreams…it’s called the “Untethered Soul” by Michael A Singer. Still a book I recommend to all my closest friends and family!! I hope it serves you well on your journey as it has for me xo