Hello my beautiful soul sister!

I have something I’m BEYOND excited to share with you today!

In my final of 3 Live online (free) trainings, I’ve saved the best for last…

I remember very vividly when I started chasing money because I thought it meant I was chasing happiness.

In fact, all I was doing was running from fear.

Running from the scarcity and money worries I had witnessed as a kid.

I didn’t want to end up that way. So I ran…

Through my journey in this lifetime, I’ve learned that when we’re chasing money (or, running from fear of lack) this keeps money always just out of reach. 

We actually end up chasing it away…

When we base our energy, thoughts and beliefs on a foundation of lack, we get more lack. 

Maybe you can relate, beauty?

Have you noticed a pattern in your life of never feeling like you have enough? That your always trying to catch up, or waiting for more money just around the next corner? 

I remember this well, beauty. Only one day, after losing someone very close to me, I realized there was something far more valuable and precious than money in this life

Our time.

Money can be made over and over again…but every moment that passes is gone forever. 

Some people wait until they’re given a death sentence to live like they’re dying…

But I finally know now that we are all on borrowed time. 

So I changed my focus from money to actually enjoying my time. I put a few new practises into place, and without even chasing it like I had been my whole life - I started creating an income far beyond my wildest dreams…and within a year of starting a brand new business. (Crazy, right?!)

I know that if I was still chasing money/running from fear and basing my existence on lack in this way, I would never have been able to create nearly 1/4 of a million dollars in sales in my first ever year in a new business.

It’s safe to say, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to shift from lack to abundance in a way that feels expansive, rather than off-putting or salesy. 

And now I’d love to show you how.

Join me for my final Live Free Training in the 9-5 Escape Plan Free Series - called “Soulful Money Masterclass - How to Make Soulful Money Sooner” this Saturday Feb 18th at 10am PST (1pm EST, 6pm GMT).

There will be a replay for those unable to attend live, but for you beauty, be sure you mark your calendar to join me live - because I’m giving a way a free helpful resource to EVERY live soul sister attendee!! 

I usually reserve my soulful money training for my 1x1 clients, so be sure you don’t miss out!

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I cannot wait to connect with you, beauty! You receiving this message today is no mistake.

It’s time to rise…


Follow Your Heart Always,