Have you ever had one of these pivotal moments in your life?


Where you know no matter which option you choose, your life will never be the same?


Or worse - it will stay the same…


I just got off the phone with a client of mine, and what came up was one of those major life’s forks-in-the-road that I faced just 1 year ago.


Just 1 year ago I was convinced I needed to call my doctor’s office to have my thyroid checked.


I had never had thyroid issues before, but I knew something was terribly wrong when after a solid 8+ hours of sleep for 2-3 straight weeks, I still needed a 2-3 hour nap just a few hours after waking up.


As the universe would have it, before I picked up the phone to call my doctor, I had a consult session booked with a life coach.  At this time, I was a full time wedding photographer, no ideas in sight that I would ever become a coach, and honestly was a little skeptical/unsure/uneducated on what this whole concept of coaching would really do for me.


We had a great connection, and I loved every moment of our deep and meaningful conversation - something I crave and love in my everyday life. Especially after having had some breakthroughs where my own self-limiting thoughts were hiding, and how I had been mounting the weight of the world on my shoulders - creating a feeling of overwhelm and lethargy in my body (even though I “knew” when we pinpointed this it was right, it was the increasing amount of energy I had after this call/release that further proved it’s accuracy - I was amazed at the power the mind has over the body, to say the least!).


At the end of this initial consult, he asked me if I could see it being valuable in my life to work together. I said absolutely! When he shared the investment point with me, I immediately shut down and said “umm…how about I get back to you in a couple days…”

-    Fully aware I likely was not going to be getting back to him in a couple days, at all.


Enter fear, lack, scarcity, and ego.


The exact culprits of why I was feeling stuck, sick, and tired to begin with.


James was so peaceful in his energy, and instead of simply saying “wonderful” and hanging up the phone - he asked me one last question. It was simple yet profound. And it changed my life.



jennifer jayde (90 of 101).jpg

“Jen, do you feel you will be able to change your life, if you continue to make decisions based on where you’re at….or if you begin to make them based on where you actually want to be…




It hit me then, gorgeous.


I had felt like a hamster on a wheel for so long…spinning my wheels, working so hard mentally and emotionally that I was physically exhausted, feeling like I was in the deepest rut of my life - because I kept making decisions based on a life I no longer desired to have.


Of course I was spinning round and round in circles!!


I took a leap of faith in that moment.


I didn’t know where the money would come from, but something deeper than fear told me this was right - and I knew the universe would support me - somehow, some way - once I made the actual commitment.


“Jump and the net will appear…”


And it did, just as it always does.



I think about where I was just 1 year ago, and it honestly feels like my breath gets taken away a little just to think of how much my life has changed in just 12 short months. Even the last 6 alone…


My life has done a complete 180 since then.


I am growing a business that has never felt more aligned with my purpose in my whole life.


I have never known this level of fulfillment, nor did I realize it was possible.


I have created lifelong soul-sisterly bonds with incredible women like you, from all over the world.


I’ve woken up at 4:30am just because I couldn’t wait to start my day.


I spend 1/2 my time in my dream beach city of San Diego, and the other half of my time on Vancouver Island with friends and family, when I’m not traveling the world.


For the numbers people out there, (I’m not really one of them), but just so you know it’s possible - I generated 6 figures in sales in the first 6 months of my business.


I have been in California, Canada, Bali, and Paris, in the last 6 weeks.


And just today I booked travel to New York 2x, Toronto, and Las Vegas in the next 3 months. 


Not because I have to, but because I want to.


I don’t share this to boast or brag, as I truly hope you have a better sense of my energy by now, beautiful.


I share this because I have realized that my dreams were too small. They were “settlers” dreams. I knew I wanted bigger for my life. To impact the world.


But I almost didn’t even try, because I didn’t know it was possible for me.


So I risk being judged in sharing this with you - because it’s that important to me that you DO know.


If it’s possible in the world…if it’s possible for me….


It’s ABSOLUTELY possible for you.


In fact, if it is in your heart - it is meant for you.


I think about that moment a lot, beauty. The moment where I almost let fear stand in my way, yet again, and how James could have easily just thanked me for my time and hung up the phone.


If he let my fears overtake me again. And I never learned how to overpower them - where would I be today?


Would I still be miserable? Low energy? Would my doctor have given me some kind of prescribed medication to get my energy up? How would my mood affect my business, my marriage, my friendships, and my relationships?

What would the cost be in wasted days, weeks, months, even years?


I shudder to think about the kind of life path fear was so charismatic at leading me down.


But someone got in the way. Someone presented me with a fork in the road. A newly opened door to walk through.


And this is what I’m offering now, to you lovely.


Which door will you choose?


Follow Your Heart Always,








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and you were born to fly…