I'm ready to say goodbye...


I am in near disbelief of what's possible in just a few shorts weeks. 

Just two months ago, I was tossing and turning in my bed trying to figure out what on earth had possessed me to up and leave everything and everyone I've known my whole life behind. But the truth is I knew what had possessed me, it was my heart...but my mind was having a hard time catching up. 

For over two years I've had this voice in the back of my mind playing on repeat "San Diego. San Diego. San Diego. San Diego.."  And for over two years I ignored it, because my mind couldn't make sense of it.

But the voices only grew louder. 

Finally I had a conversation about it with my coach, and together we realized there was only one way to silence these inner not-so-quiet whisperings, and to finally understand what they were all about.

So just 9 weeks ago, I packed the trunk of my car and set my gps for San Diego. 

And just 9 weeks ago... *  I was the girl who was terrified of driving in big cities. ( I even once missed a fun go kart tour of Madrid, Spain because I couldn't handle the thought of being near traffic even in a safe controlled environment).

* I was the girl who would decline a chance to do fun watersports with friends, because she felt fearful of drowning

* I was the girl who worried she would spend 2+ months being lonely and homesick

* I was the girl who was timid about stepping into her new role and business as a life coach for women who know they were meant for more

* I was the girl who second guessed her heart, and wasted two+ years waiting for her mind to make sense of it all, rather than just going for it and finding out once and for all

And today, as I was finishing another day of driving back to Vancouver Island for Christmas I realized something.

I am ready to say goodbye to that girl. 

What about you, beauty?


Is there a version of you that you are ready to say goodbye to? The girl that holds you back from stepping into who you really are and all that you are meant to be? Maybe she keeps you fearful of certain things that you would actually love to be doing. Maybe she questions your heart's desires, so much that you don't take action on them for months, years, or maybe ever. 


In the last 9 weeks, I drove by myself for the first time all the way down the west coast of the US. I loved every minute of it. I loved being unplugged for full days. I loved listening to empowering audiobooks, and all my favorite songs. I loved stopping along the coast and visiting beach towns and taking pictures of the ocean. I loved driving barefoot in cozy clothes and belting out all the high notes I can't actually reach. 

I loved driving within the city of San Diego. I felt so free and surprisingly comfortable. 

I tried surfing for the first time, and got up on my first wave. It was exhilarating! 

I made a whole new additional circle of incredible friends, that taught me so many things, shared new experiences with me, and made me feel right at home. 

And once I began my business, it felt like we had already been best friends for years. Familiar, comfortable, right...

All this to say, I am not sad to be saying goodbye to the version of me I was 9 weeks ago...but instead I am excited at the Jen I am saying hello to. That I am stepping into, and that I am becoming more and more comfortable sharing with the world.

And this is what I want for you, lovely.

For you to step into the version of you that is not absent of fear...but who feels the fear and does it anyway.

Who tries new things, and who will go out on a limb for her dreams.



If I am being honest with you, beautiful, I know you were made for big things in your life.  It is why you are here, and it is what has attracted you to this very message. Because you were meant to be reading it. The world is waiting for YOU to step into the powerful version of you, so that you may have the impact only you can create.


There is no one else on this earth like you lovely, and there is no one else that can shine the way that only you can. There are people waiting for you to step into your power. 

You have lives to change, gorgeous.

Who are you ready to say hello to? 



Follow Your Heart Always (even when your mind can't make sense of it!)