When I am going through a rainy, stormy season in my life, beautiful, I think of the palm tree...


The year had half gone by as one of the happiest I'd ever had. Not only was I beginning to be paid for my fun hobby of taking pictures, but I had photographed my first wedding, and experienced the highest of highs I'd ever known. Not 3 months later, my downward spiral would begin. 

After a devastating loss in my family, I went down into one of the deepest lows I had ever experienced in my life. 

For a year and a half, I stopped caring. Not about my family or my friends, but about me.

I ate whatever would give me a temporary sensation of happiness. I bought things that would give me a temporary sensation of happiness. Wine made a  more frequent appearance in my life than it had before.

Have you ever been in a place like this, beauty?   Where it seems the rain never ends, the storms keep coming, and you feel like giving up? 

I hear you, and I feel you, deeply. I know what it's like to gain the extra emotional pounds.  To rack up credit card debt. To wake up with a wine headache, again. 

As I was drowning in the storm, I came across a life altering message from the late (and incredible) Dr. Wayne Dyer. 



He said, be like the palm tree.

In even gale force tropical winds and storms, the kind that uproot bigger, older, grander trees, it is the palm tree that can withstand it all.

So what is it's secret?

It does not ignore, fight, or stay in a place of resistance against the sometimes hurricane force winds. Unlike all the other trees that end up destroyed and uprooted, the palm tree bends. 

Sometimes in life we are faced with situations, surprises, even feelings, that we were not expecting. A sudden storm. But the longer we ignore it, or try to cover it up with false shelter, or resist change/being open to a new path or idea...the more likely we are to break. It is within our rigidity, that we suffer.

But when we allow... Allow the winds to pass through us. Accept that they are here, and from a higher vantage point, see what it is we are meant to be learning. How can we grow from this? What am I meant to see? Do? Learn? Change?  Bend. 

Understand that you are being blessed in disguise.

Not only does the palm tree bounce back after a storm, but studies show it becomes stronger than it was before.

I now look back on that lowest time in my life, and I realize it was the turning point that redirected me onto my most fulfilling, rewarding, happiest path I have ever been on. What once seemed impossible to me, living in my dream beach city and creating a thriving business by doing something that truly lights me up, is now my life. And I wouldn't have gained the strength, insight, growth, or motivation to do this, if everything was just 'calm' all the time. 

I realized these storms had actually been grooming me for something big.

And so are yours, beauty.

Follow Your Heart Always (it's the one who knows the way),



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