Super curious - have you been feeling that uprising energy too?

Like you are really, truly, without a doubt ready to rock 2017 like a mother-effing BOSS?!!! 

I have no idea if it’s the last full moon we just had, or the end of the year vibes, or really just being so done with playing smaller than I know in my soul I’m capable of…

All I know is it’s time. 

And if you’re with me - here are some tips to LET GO so you can LEAP FORWARD…

1) Get to the root of your fear. If what you desire for your life is not matching up with the actions you are (or aren’t) taking - there is something misaligned in your mind. It’s likely lurking in a a subconscious shadow too (sneaky bastards). Just incase you didn’t get it, here is a gift I made for you - a Free from Fear Breakthrough Exercise - so you can eliminate the weeds and start rising into your limitless potential. 

2)  Start building trust with your Intuition. Your heart will never steer you wrong (but your head will certainly try to divert you! See step #1). The biggest leaps I’ve ever made in my life and business came when I trusted my inner guide, even when my head was going crazy trying to stop me. But I wasn’t always able to trust so willingly. I started with baby steps. For example, if you get an inner nudge to wear boots instead of flats on a dry day, try wearing the boots instead. If something tells you to go back in the house and grab your umbrella before you leave, do it. Before you look at your caller ID, see if you can guess who just texted or called you. In this way, you’ll learn which voice is your heart, and which is your head. 

3)  Take Bold Action on Behalf of Your Dreams. Listen beauty, the truth is I waited until someone close to me actually had to die before I finally awakened to the fact that I wasn’t truly living. I was fooling myself that I was happy staying in my 9-5, living in the same town for my whole life, living for the weekends and waiting for vacation days. I wasn’t living - I was existing. There’s a simple but powerful quote - “Nothing changes if nothing changes” - so if this were the last year of your life - what would you be doing this year, that you previously told yourself you should delay just a little longer…?  

And finally beauty, any old tapes you’ve been playing in your mind for far too long now - maybe ones like “What’s the point, I could never do what she does.”  or “I just don’t have the time.” “I need to wait until we have a bit more money saved/debt paid down.” “I don’t have any special talents.” “I’m not disciplined enough.” “I’m not smart enough/educated enough/experienced enough.” “I never follow through with things anyway.” etc etc

Let’s both agree to press STOP on those tapes. Right here, right now.

Better yet, let’s get out our craziest high heels and smash those tapes into smithereens.

Can you see it? Can you feel it?

Good. It’s done. 

Here are some new tapes for you to play…and feel free to create some of your own!

“Every day in every way, I’m getting stronger and stronger.”
“I am open to receiving money now.”
“The source of my income is immediate and endless.”
“I feel Free, Blessed, Happy and Grateful.” 
“Thank you”

2017 baby!!! You and me - let’s light this world uuuuuuup!!! 

Are you with me, sista ?! 

Follow Your Heart Always,