I remember when I was first getting my business started, getting into some serious trouble with my coach!           

I had gone to all this trouble to record my first video series in the hot San Diego sun (I literally had to wipe the beads of sweat off my forehead between takes) and after the whole day’s efforts, getting home and realizing I had recorded my videos vertically (so there would be big black bars down either side of the screen when viewed). Noooooooo.

When I showed my coach, she told me I would really need to re-do them.

I was so upset, beauty!

I felt I had actually done so well getting my true heart’s message across, and I even loved the way I looked and sounded on camera (rare!).  What are the odds of lightening striking twice?! Not to mention going to all the effort of hair, makeup, location parking, traffic etc. all over again…

But I did it. I was investing a lot in my coach, and I trusted her guidance.

On our next session she asked if the new videos were up, and I told her they weren’t (even though I had said they would be).  And after two weeks of delaying and procrastinating in getting them up, she asked me what the real reason was they weren't up yet.

So I told her the truth, of course.

I didn’t like the way I looked in these ones. The light wasn’t as flattering, my hair wasn’t as cooperative…”I just really liked those first videos a lot better…” I told her.

She asked me “Did you get your message across?”

And I told her that actually, that was the one thing I did really love about these ones - my message was clearer and more concise and impactful.

“Great!” She said. And she went on to tell me something I will never forget.

This business isn’t about you.

It’s for her.

“It’s for the woman you told me you desire to serve - who’s stuck in a job she doesn’t love - knowing she was meant for something more - but is struggling to figure out what that is.

It’s for the woman who knows she is passionate about helping others in a way that’s close to her heart, but has no idea what her next steps are.

It’s for the woman ready to create the life and business of her dreams, and needs you to teach her how to fly…”

That’s when I realized gorgeous, I needed to get over myself.

And not just how I look in videos, but the fears inside my head that I was allowing to keep me playing small.

The voices telling me that people would laugh at me, judge me, or ridicule me behind my back.

The same ones saying “Who am I to be a coach and to follow my dreams” - or that I should just be more grateful for what I already have and be more realistic.

For as long as I allow myself to get in my own way - I am doing the world a disservice.

And so are you, beautiful.






If you have it in your heart to be doing something different with your life than you currently are - it’s because you are supposed to be.





Your mind may not understand what this is, or how it’s possible - and it fears the unknown - so it uses fear as a survival tactic to keep you still, safe, and small.

But your heart knows better, beauty.

And it will never steer you wrong.

How much longer are you willing to stay in a state of purgatory - not really wanting to keep your life exactly the way it is - but not taking any real and true action to change it?

I’m talking about investing into YOU. Into your life. Into your dreams.

Who do you need to be, to live the life that you want?

And what’s the first thing you need help in doing, to get there?

If you’re reading these words, I’m telling you - that nagging sensation that you are supposed to be doing something different is REAL.

And it will not go away.

In fact, it will only get louder with time, and weigh on you more heavily as time continues to pass.

So what can you do about it?!?

1)    Get CLEAR on what you actually desire in this life - where do you want to live, with who, and how do you spend your days? Do you live a laptop lifestyle? Do you travel and spend lots of time out in the sun?

2)    Discover what makes your life worth living to you. Get clear on how you can SERVE the world in a way that is MEANINGFUL and EXCITING to you! It is my belief that we don’t truly feel fulfilled, unless we feel our life has meaning in the service of others. How do you want to make a difference, doing what you love? What would it take for you to know on your deathbed - you truly LIVED this life fully, and you lived well!?!!

3)    Find a coach or mentor that you strongly resonate with, HIRE that person - learn AS MUCH FROM THEM AS YOU CAN. We only have so much time left in this life - let’s not waste it worrying over the illusions our mind has created to keep us stuck (these include most predominantly lack of time and money). MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH to do this one, please trust me on this!! Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way!


My hope is that the meditation I gave you on Monday beauty, has helped you with number 1. That the version of yourself you met 10 years from now, showed you what was possible for you. The highest and best version of you, and of your life (if this didn’t happen on your first try, please continue to practice with it until it does!)

But I didn’t want to leave you there. So I put together a brand new 6 Month Private 1x1 Mentorship for you to get clearer on your soul’s passion, and turn it into your dream business. To get a strong and clear sense of what life’s work would IGNITE YOU each and every day, leaving you feeling the most fulfilled, free, and joyful in your life when you’re 83 in your rocking chair reflecting on all you’ve done in the time you’ve had so far - and creating a limitless, exhilarating life because of it.

What I want for you beauty - is a life of no regrets.

Beauty - my biggest fear is no longer what people will think of me in my videos, or say if I fail, or not having enough time, or even running out of money…

My biggest fear is that I will get to my final days - and wonder what could have been - if only I had just went for it.

What about you, lovely - is it time you really went for it?

If so click here to take real and true action on behalf of your dreams. It’s time you awaken to why you’re really here, and begin designing the life you’ve always imagined…


Follow Your Heart Always,


PS - Do you want to know why I created this for you, beauty? Because I woke up and realized that in order to generate 6 figures in sales in the first 6 months of your business - you’ve got to be clear on your purpose, and walking powerfully towards it. It requires powerful personal growth, soul expansion, a strong money mindset and complete and total alignment with what LIGHTS YOU UP!!! This is when I knew I had to get it to you. Because this is EVERYTHING I will guide you to do, be, have, and become!! Too many people are living in misalignment with their soul’s passion, and it’s so frigging draining and depleting - and to me - completely heartbreaking. I know you were meant for an extraordinary life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment, beauty. But it’s up to you and your free will to take the next step. There is no time to waste in this precious life of ours - Start now. Start today. Start HERE.