To be honest with youI can't even recall what we were talking about…but I can definitely remember the way she made me feel.

Knowing me, it was probably about chasing dreams and living our passions, and I just remember hearing from one of my closest friends at the time, " Easy for you to say Jen, you practically have a 4 leaf clover up your a**…"

What I'm sure was meant to sound positive, albeit a little backhanded, totally caught me off guard.  And it wasn't the fact that she said it that shocked me, it was the way it made me feel.

Like the sleepless nights didn't matter. Like the months of stress and anxiety knots in my stomach just didn't count. Like the constant facing of fears in the face, terrified of ridicule, failure, embarrassment, financial ruin, judgement and letting people I love down…were easy. Like the hours upon hours upon hours of frustrations, things going wrong, huge learning curves, blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice…just came and went with the breeze.




I felt like my life's work was reduced down to a stroke of "luck" in my friend's eyes, and it boiled the heck out of me. I was offended. I was shocked. I was hurt.





I didn't overreact in anyway, infact I kept pretty cool about the whole thing, but it did get me thinking…

Is there some kind of misconception out there, that living your dream is easy?!

If so lovely, let me be the first to share with you…

It's not.

The truth is;

- I have never worked so many hours in my life as I do working for myself

- I have paid my dues on sleepless nights, work nightmares, and cold sweats, never knowing when my next "paycheque" would be coming in, regardless of the fact I had two mortgages, a car payment and a credit card near maxed from investing in myself and my dreams

- I have been "afraid" more than I have ever been comfortable

- Nothing I do has ever been good enough…for me. I am the hardest boss I could ever work for, though I am learning to be the best leader I can now, for you, and for me.

- I have been at war internally between my head and my heart for years. A constant battle of second guessing myself, over analyzing my choices, tormenting my own every move - wondering if I am doing the right thing.  Since 2010 especially - when I chose to leave my safety and security behind, and start working towards my dreams.

- I've missed out on fun events with my friends more often than I'd like to count

- My heart has led me to live in a whole new city in a totally different country than my family and friends, and my home for the last 3 decades. I am 1000's of miles away from my Mom, my Dad, my 5 younger siblings, and my very best and lifelong friends.

This has not been easy.

But what it has been, beauty..…

Is worth it.

The truth is,  I would do it all over again. All of it. Every sleepless night. Every tear I shed.

If it meant I would be here, writing to you that dreams are possible. That the desires in your heart, are meant for you! That if it's possible in the world, it's possible for you! That you have an extraordinary calling on your life (or you wouldn't be reading this right now, we were brought together for a reason!), and the longer you wait, the less time you will have left to bask in the glory and pure joy of it!

If it ignited something in YOU to live YOUR purpose, and LIGHT UP THE WORLD with it,

then HELL YES gorgeous, I would do it all again.


In a heartbeat.


You see beauty, I choose to focus on the blessings in my life, not the burdens. If I could buy a brand new mansion, would I count all the things that are amazing about it that I am grateful for, or would I complain of all the bathrooms that need cleaning now?

Maybe if I shared the burdens more my friend wouldn't have mistaken this for "luck," but in the essence of being completely honest and transparent with you my beautiful soul sister, I am not lucky at all… and that's the GREAT news! I created this life.

And so can you.

You are meant for big, big things beauty.

It's time you light up the world.


Follow Your Heart Always,


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