Hello beautiful,


You may hear a lot about living the laptop lifestyle, being able to live and work from anywhere, making more money than you can even imagine how to spend right now…


But was is the part they aren’t telling you?


I remember when I was still in my 9-5 and tortured by the realization that I just couldn’t bare to quote interest rates for the rest of my life.


I was falling in love with wedding photography for the first time - and my instructor warned me against the pitfalls of going down this road.


Scott actually got emotional (literally cried) as he shared the struggles he’s faced both personally and professionally as he pursued his dreams, and that there’s some things he wished he was forewarned about before pursuing his dream wedding photography business (which he went on to be internationally award winning at!).


Things like;

-    never having a weekend off in the best summer months of the year with his family

-    saying goodbye to many bbq’s with friends and weekend summer getaways

-    even missing funerals at times because he couldn’t cancel a wedding booking on such short notice


He also talked about all the work that goes into post-wedding shoots. The endless marathon editing, blogging, album design, meeting couples for next year etc.


I was so thankful because these were things I was completely oblivious to - all I could think about was how awesome it would be to have my own dream wedding photography business.


I felt empowered then, to make a conscious choice as to whether or not these sacrifices were worth it to me in advance - rather than being blindsided after I quit my job and wondering what the hell I’d gotten myself into - or worse - having regret over giving up my job entirely.


I checked in with my inner guide - and we were willing to accept the price in order to experience living our dreams.


The sacrifices did weigh on me at times, but I never once regretted my decision.

The truth is, experiencing and living something you never thought you could actually do in a million years, is the most natural and exhilarating high I’ve ever known.


I felt like I was flying.





When my heart guided me to transition into the coaching world, I was mesmerized by the fact that it would be my daily work to help others create their own dream business and life - but I never had that same pep talk in advance from anyone, that Scott had given me about photography.





And to be honest beauty, I did get blindsided this time around.


I thought my life would be all fairytales and pixie dust. Maybe I’d be on a few client calls a week, maybe working my way up to a couple client calls a day.


I’d do a Facebook ad here and there, and a Facebook post at least once a day.


What else could coaching possibly entail, right??


I know, perhaps I was a little naive - but I didn’t know any better.


I didn’t realize there would be tears on the phone to my coach, that I just wasn’t sure I could do this.


I didn’t know I would stay up until 4:30am some nights working on a passion project while still jet lagged from a recent trip to Bali.


I had no idea that my dream business would continue to stretch me beyond my limits, to become more and more of who I am and what I stand for, even though it’s completely scary, uncharted territory.


That I would have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


That facing fears would become something I do on the daily.


Here’s what I didn’t know about starting my first online based business;


-    there are a TON of other online coaches already, what made me any different?

-    who my ideal client was, and how was I going to help her, specifically

-    just how far out of my comfort zone I would be stretched, time after time

-    how I was going to grow my audience/tribe/clients beyond my current friends and family

-    how much blood, sweat and tears I would pour into my work

-    how many hours a day I would be working on, or thinking about, my business

-    how much I would be investing in a business coach


Was it worth it?



But I feel like I said “yes” to training for a marathon, without even knowing how long a marathon is, or how much training would be involved. It was just one shock and surprise after the next.


Crossing your first ever finish line makes everything worth it! But being a little better prepared would have felt a whole lot better, and may have even improved your results.


What I would have done different;


-  found support in getting clear on my WHY, and who specifically my ideal client was right away

-    hired my dream business coach before even getting my first client (made some big costly mistakes in the meantime!)

-    mapped out a clear work schedule, and a clear not working schedule

-    set aside time for working ON the business, and time for working IN the business

-    prepared to expect the unexpected


Of course hindsight is 20/20, so if you’re considering creating your own online business, feel free to reach out and ask me if you have any questions. I feel so, so passionately about women creating the business of their dreams, so they can live a limitless life of fulfillment, freedom, and PASSION.


I hope you feel a little better prepared, beauty - and I hope this reaffirms for you even more that you CAN handle this and were MEANT for big things.


The world is waiting for you to step into your purpose, to shine the light that only you can shine.


Are you willing to pay the price, lovely?

Are you willing to do what others won’t today - so you can do what others can’t, tomorrow?


The choice is yours. Choose wisely, beauty. You only get to live this life once!


And remember to…


Follow Your Heart Always,

PS -

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