The cold winter night I lost my ‘big brother’ (my young uncle) to terminal illness would also be the night my whole life would change.


I’d always been a big believer in living life to the fullest, seizing the day and following your dreams…but what I didn’t realize until that time, was that I wasn’t actually DOING it.


I was just talking about it.


Since that pivotal moment in my life, I’ve had the lowest of lows I’ve ever known, but they’ve allowed me to bounce up into my highest of highs. From leaving a career that stole a piece of my soul from Monday-Friday, to taking a leap into the unknown and stepping into my own personal brand that allows me to feel more on purpose than I ever have in my whole life.


And this is what I want for you, gorgeous…


This past weekend was an emotional one for my fellow Canadians. One of our most famous and passionate groups of performing artists, The Tragically Hip, completed their final tour with Gord Downie as their lead singer.


It seems a terminal illness is taking another one of our nation’s family members, and his final performance was streamed live for all to see.


As I watched this man, who knows his life is coming to an end (imagine?!), who has 4 children and a wife at home sing his heart out for the last time, I couldn’t help but get emotional at the thought that he loved his work so much, he would do it until his dying day.


He wasn’t counting down the days until he could retire.


He’s counting the number of days he has left to keep doing his work, because he loves it so much.


And this is my dream for you.


When I was sitting in my 9-5, wishing for Fridays, dreading Mondays, thinking about when my next vacation would be, or daydreaming what I’ll do when retirement comes - I had no idea it was even possible (for me) to actually love what I do.


I thought only actors, actresses, authors, and other celebrities got to feel that way.


But after losing my uncle, realizing that my life could be taken from me at any moment - or that one day my doctor might even tell me that I only have 1 year left to live…





I realized that in wishing for Fridays, wishing for vacation, and wishing for retirement, I was wishing my life away.




Fast forward to getting the support I needed, to trade my day job for my dream business, and I have moved into a place where I’m so passionate about what my mission is in the world, I am no longer counting the number of days until I can retire - like Gord Downie, I am counting the number of days I have left to fulfill my life’s work.


And what I so desperately want you to know, beautiful - is that this feeling is possible for you, too.


In fact, this feeling is what’s MEANT for you.


If you don’t know what that is for you yet, or what that would look like, that’s totally okay!! But please, please, beauty - know that it IS possible, and be open to finding your answers.


They’re waiting for you.


In fact, the world is waiting for you -  to step into your life’s work…


Because when you do, you will leave the world a far far better place.


You will inspire others to find their life’s calling, you will motivate others to live a life they love,  and your own sense of freedom and fulfillment, will radiate from you like a big bright light - shining in the crevices of the world that were once only shadows.


You are meant to impact the world in a way that only you can.


You know it, I know it, and your heart’s been trying to tell you this for a long time, hasn’t it?


Please don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re running out of time.


This is your wake up call, beauty.


I urge you, don’t hit snooze…


Follow Your Heart Always,



I get a lot of emails from women who desire to step into their life’s work, live a life of freedom and fulfillment - but have no idea what this would be for them. I TOTALLY GET IT!! I’ve been there and I know how draining it feels to be so unclear on what’s meant for you. So I’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to create something to help you find the answers you’ve been looking for. Keep an eye out, as it will be released hot off the press before August 30. Beauty, this is going to be BIG….