Hello my beautiful soul sister , 

I'm going to admit to you one of my BIGGEST dreams today - because I wonder if it's secretly one of yours too, and I'd love to give you some recent tricks I learned! 

Now I don't know about you, , but I'm feeling like I'm meant to serve MILLIONS to truly step into their purpose, and live the fullest, most joyful, expansive and adventurous life their soul came here to experience, full time.

And though I started with 1x1 clients (and still work with a small handful), something inside is telling me it's time to reach many many more.

What about you, ? Is there a message inside your soul (whether you clearly know what that is yet or not) that you can feel is desiring to pour out of you? Do you feel called to help others live happier lives and become the better versions of themselves that they desire to be?

If you're anything like me, you may have been feeling called to speak more - even if the thought of it terrifies you.

Whether this is in online videos, on stage, or during intimate live events and retreats.

This has been becoming a stronger and stronger urging from within, so naturally - I wanted to find a coach or mentor to support me! 

And just as the Universe would have it, on the very last day before I left San Diego for the summer, I had my chance to work with her in person.


Today, - incase this is an upcoming dream in your heart as well, I would love to share with you what I learned!


❤️ How to get over the fear of speaking (live on stage, on video, live video etc)

❤️ Is it worth it to hire a speaker trainer or will they just teach you to be robotic? 

❤️ What you can do to improve your speaking skills, and it may not be what you think!!

Click below to have a peek at what came through to share with you, and let me know which points land for you most strongly right now... <3 

I know if you're here reading this, you absolutely DO have a message inside you that you're meant to share. If you're unsure what that is for you, reply to this email and perhaps I can send you a few resources! 

And, remember you are always welcome to join my Savvy Soul Sister Inner Circle if you haven't already, and seek guidance, support, and connection with me and your fellow soul sisters waiting to welcome you there!

See you inside <3 

Follow Your Heart Always,