And I just wanted you to know…
That six months ago I was paralyzed by fear.
I was feeling the urge to breakthrough into (yet another) career path, and leave everything I had known and built, behind.
Do I listen to my head - telling me I shouldn’t do it, that I should just be grateful for what I already have…and stay put?
Or do I listen to my heart - telling me to just trust it, just take a leap and go for it without knowing whether or not I am about to fall…or fly.
I came across a Facebook ad that actually caught my eye (usually I don't give them a second glance).
I could relate to her personal life story SO much it was eery.
And yet here she was just 12 months into her new coaching business, and had already created over $500k in sales (yes, both those 0’s are supposed to be there!!!) and living the life of her dreams, doing the work she knows in her heart she was meant to do.
And how did she do it?!?!
As I saw client after client on her website sharing stories of incredible, mind blowing success stories, I sat in awe and disbelief that that could ever be me. Not in a million years. I’m nothing special like these girls are.
But even if I could learn to create a FRACTION of what they did and what Emily has, I would be thrilled!
I signed up to listen to Emily on a free webinar she was offering to learn more info, feeling terrified and unsure as to what my next step should be…to invest more than I ever have in myself EVER before and be mentored by her…or play it safe on the sidelines
I listened to clients share their unbelievable success stories, tales of dreams coming true and freedom being their reality.
I learned that it would be $25k to work privately with Emily as my 1x1 business coach.
After I recovered from fainting - and after doing the inner work to decipher between my heart and my ego (fears) I decided to go all in.
I will always be fully transparent with you beauty; I got SUPER creative and took BIG RISKS on behalf of my dreams! I maxed out a credit card, got an additional NEW credit card, and extended my personal credit line just to make this work. ( I was leveraged to the MAX, and that was something friggin petrifying to me!!!!)
AND I signed up for her $5000 group program, too (go big or go home, right?!)
So, though my knees were shaky and my palms were sweaty, I took a leap.
And 5 months later, I am now reaping the biggest rewards of my life.
I have;
* discovered with unwavering certainty the truest and deepest purpose of my life - why I was born, and the work I am meant to be doing in service of others
* moved to my dream beach city of San Diego, California
* am about to leave on a Yoga retreat to Bali for the first time ever
* am heading to Paris 3 weeks later to graduate from my group program
* have generated nearly 6 figures in sales since October 2015
* have never felt more aligned, or more powerful, in my entire life
* am experiencing a level of bliss and happiness and freedom I never knew existed in the world, and especially never believed could be possible for me
And this past weekend, Emily featured me on a webinar as one of her success stories to her potential future clients!!!!!!!!
The moment hit me like a ton of bricks as she was introducing me live on the call to more than 700 women (her biggest webinar to date!)…and as soon as my line went live, I started to cry (smooth, right!).
Here is the email Emily sent out to her subscribers a couple days before the call…
Hi Lovely,
There was a time in my life when I began to settle for ordinary.
I thought I should be realistic, and that I should just be grateful for what I had and not step outside the box.
When I graduated from high school, I told myself I was okay with “normal”.
I told myself that psychology degree would be exciting, marrying my college sweetheart would be a dream come true, and that a few weeks per year for travel would do.
But I was just kidding myself. I wanted more, but that “more” seemed pretty darn scary.
I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I believe that every woman is called to be extraordinary, but sometimes we settle. Sometimes we allow fear to get the best of us. We decide to play it “safe” ignore the calling…
Take my client Jennifer for example...
A few years ago, she had a major wake-up call.
Although she had gone to college, bought a house, a car, and landed a dream job making nearly 6-figures/year in her early 20s, she wasn’t happy.
And to make matters worse, she felt guilty for not being happy. After all, she was living the dream, right? Anyone else would be grateful.
One day it hit her - if she had to spend the rest of her life talking about interest rates, she was going to be miserable.
This wasn’t the life she really wanted, and something had to change. She couldn’t ignore the truth any longer.
Although Jennifer felt what she describes as “paralyzing fear” during that time, she knew she couldn’t stay in that cubicle talking about interest rates for the rest of her life. She had to at least try to go for her dreams.
She realized that she couldn’t let her fears - fear of how it would all work out, fear of what people would think, and fear of leaving her safety net - stop her from the life she was born to live.
She wanted to know at the end of her days that she gave this life all she had, and she felt her dream of becoming an entrepreneur calling her.
So she made it happen.
Now Jennifer’s living in her dream city of San Diego, working from her laptop, celebrating 5-figure months and about to launch her first group program.
Amazing, right?!
Maybe you’re where Jennifer was a few years ago...
Maybe you know what your “something big” is, but you’re scared of how the people in your life are going to react.
You’re questioning whether it’s too big and whether you can actually do it.
You’re wondering if you’ll actually make any money.
I hear you.
But after working with women all around the world, I truly believe that if you feel in your heart that you’re meant for something more, that means you are, and that fear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action - quite the opposite actually…
What am I trying to say here, lovely?
I want you to know the lengths I have gone, to get to the life of my dreams.
It didn’t happen by chance.
It didn’t happen because I have anything extra special about me.
And it most certainly didn’t happen inside of my comfort zone. Whatever dream is bubbling up inside of you , I urge you, I implore you, to move heaven and earth to get the support you need, to make them your reality.
You won’t regret it.
Follow Your Heart Always,