I used to think people that loved their lives were liars.

I thought they were people with big egos that just wanted everyone to think their life was perfect, so they told lies of how awesome everything was and how happy they were.

How can one be so happy in a world of "getting by" - working for bosses who don't appreciate them, clients that complain, early monday mornings, daily grinds, small paycheques and big bills?

And then I noticed something.

I was complaining about something I was doing nothing to about.

And they had.

A friend once said to me "Nothing changes, if nothing changes."


Who am I to complain of spinning my wheels, chasing my own tail, and living on a hamster wheel, if I refuse to be open to anything or anyone that can possibly help me out of my rut?!

My whole life changed once I became OPEN.


I became open to trying new things. Eating in new ways. Going to new places. Open to meeting new people. Making new friends. I became open to going to new gyms, grocery stores, events and conferences. When I dropped down from my skeptic mentality and into my heart, doors began flying open for me.



I started drawing in the most amazing people, places, and experiences into my life.

And when I, recovering control freak, became open to accepting the expertise of people who knew a lot more than I did about the areas I wanted to excel in, beautiful and incredible changes in my life started happening lightning fast.

Here are some examples;

* I became open to nutritional advice and organic grade support products, because clearly I was only an expert at yo-yo dieting. Within a matter of two weeks, I started feeling more awake and alive in my body than I ever believed possible.

* I became open to hiring an online fitness coach to show me how to love my body from the inside out, and strengthen her the right way. In a matter of days, I could feel the internal changes happening, and before long everyone around me began noticing the external changes. My happiness, energy, and confidence soared.

* I became open to the idea that I could have a life+biz I actually loved, so I hired a high level business coach + mentor to close the gap between newby to success story. I went from having a seedling idea of what I wanted to do, to launching a brand new business, to generating a multiple 5 figure income in 3.5 months.

* I became open to the idea that I can't do it all by myself, so I hired a Virtual Assistant. I went from overwhelm and regular 1am bedtimes, to having more time in my day to relax, find balance, and enjoy additional aspects of my life outside of my passion filled business.

* I became open to the idea, that I work better with someone pushing me and holding me accountable on a consistent basis, than I do on my own. This goes for everything from working out, to business, and everything in between.

I could create some semblance of joy on my own, but not to this degree, and not without sacrificing balance.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

I say it takes a team to raise a big dream, too.

I spent so many years as the perfectionist, the control freak, the independent "I can do it myself" kind of girl. And in a lot of ways, I still am that girl.

Sound familiar, gorgeous?

But in the ways that it's stifled me, I've learned to let go, and open up, and make changes, even when they are a total stretch from my comfort zone. Especially when they are a total stretch from my comfort zone.

What about you beauty? Where in your life are you forcing something that just isn't working on your own? Is it your nutrition? Your workouts? Is it your job? Your business?

Where can you afford to allow more flow into your life? Think of the #1 most draining aspect of your day right now, what is slowly eating you up inside? What keeps you awake at night, that you wish were different?

Who can you turn to, to guide you through change?

We all have gifts for a reason (including you lovely!). You have struggled long enough. It is time for you to flourish. To bloom. To blossom.

Why not allow and be open to those with their gifts, empower and strengthen YOU, to step more fully into your own <3

The world is waiting for you to shine, beauty, so you can help them, too <3

Follow Your Heart Always,


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