One day I woke up with a burning desire…


After 18 months of feeling uncomfortable, uncertain, and unfulfilled with my life - I finally received the answers I was so desperately searching for.


Why am I here, and what am I meant to be doing?


I had already tried to find happiness in the traditional sense of success - house, car, career, husband, fur baby…


And when money didn’t fulfill me (surprise!), I took a terrifying leap into my childhood dream business - destination wedding photography. I had never felt such passion in my life as I did when I was photographing beautiful couples celebrating their love in beautiful parts of the world…


But 3 years later - the dark clouds of realization that this wasn’t “it” for me - crept in again.


After hiring my first ever life coach and working with him for 6 months, suddenly the clouds began to part, and I felt blue sky and sunshine on my face again. I stepped out into the most passionate, purposeful, and fulfilling role (and feeling) beyond anything I ever dreamed could be possible for me.


I became a mentor, a coach, a teacher, a guide - for women who desire to create worldwide impact with their own purpose and passion, and as a result, lead the most fulfilling and limitless life beyond their wildest dreams.


Is this you beauty?


Have you awoken to the fact that you've been living the life you thought you were 'supposed to’ - until now. 


Maybe you're like me - you did everything you thought you should, everything you thought would lead to happiness.




And you've realized, what you're doing right now, is not fulfilling you...


That you're capable of so much more. That you're meant to effect massive change in the world.




Maybe you've overcome massive struggle(s) in your life, and you now desire to turn your trials into TRIUMPHS - and serve the world with what you have overcome.


Maybe you have awakened to the fact that life is too short to play small, and our time here is precious.


Or maybe you are just tired of the same old routine life that everyone else seems to be living, and you are ready for passion, fulfillment, and adventure!








The Dream Starter Program has been designed for the woman who desires to be an inspiration in the world, and in doing so, create a life by her own design.


A life of happiness, fulfilment, and the freedom to be, do, and have, anything she desires in this life.


Because today is the last day before the investment goes to full price { currently $500 off full price until 11:59pm tonight of the last 5 spaces are filled! } I woke up feeling called to share more details with you, in case this is exactly the path to peaceful profitability you’ve been desiring for a while now…your escape plan from mediocre to massive fulfillment….


What is it?


The Dream Starter Program is a 12 week mentorship + journey, live online with me personally, and a welcoming, loving, encouraging group of likeminded women who are just like you, desiring to positively impact the world, and are ready to leap and learn how to do it!


More specifically it is designed to create, build, and launch your own online business, similar to what I have created, but to any target audience of your choosing, that has meaning and purpose to you… To see how each week is set up, feel free to click HERE.  {{{{DANA please link to   }}}}}



Who is it for?


When I created the Dream Starter Program, I had in mind the woman who finds herself feeling the way I was just 7 months ago - wondering why, with every positive thing she has going for her in her life, she still feels unfulfilled. Like a voice is telling her she was meant for something more. In a sense you already know what that is. You have an innate passion for helping others with their health, nutrition, empowerment, confidence, or overcoming a challenge you too have already faced once before in your life.


In a nutshell, you desire to create a powerful ripple effect in the world, in the lives of many, with a purpose that is meaningful and powerful to you.


And I’m here to show you how.


How much is it?


This investment isn’t for the next 90 days, it is to powerfully impact and redirect the rest of your life - and the lives of all those around you. It’s time to start living from the deep powerful sense of your purpose, not just because a happier you means a happier spouse, family, and life…but because the world is waiting for the light and gifts that only YOU can share.

…for less than what a typical coffee drinker spends on coffee over the course of a year.

More details and pricing HERE - and remember, the $500 off promo incentive expires tonight at midnight, or when the next 5 people enroll, whichever comes first!


What’s Included?


I’m going to reveal to you the exact steps I took to grow my own online business from $0 and a seedling of an idea, to over $100k in 6 months - and feeling the most fulfilled and purposeful in my work than I ever dreamed possible.


In the next 90 days you will;


*  create the systems and structures I use to generate more income than I believed could be possible for me this early on in a new business

*  overcome the self-limiting beliefs and hidden old tapes you have playing in your mind, keeping you still and stuck, feeling like you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere

*  reprogram your subconscious mind for limitless success, a powerful new money mindset, and the freedom to give and receive on a brand new massive scale

*  discover everything that I have been taught directly from industry leaders and literally paid thousands of dollars to learn including Facebook ads, online marketing, branding, authentic client communication, building a worldwide network and audience for your brand, attracting your clients instead of chasing them, and automating as much of your business and income as possible

*  learn how to build your business in a way that is authentic to you, unique to you, and JOYFUL for you!!

*  get clear on who exactly you want to serve, what type of services/packages/programs you will offer, and their pricing

*  support, advice, tips, hints, TIME AND MONEY saving tricks from guest experts

*  a massive reduction in your timeline to success and a fun and powerful way to condense your learning curve - what better way then seeing behind the curtain of how someone else did it!

*  a private soul sisterhood of women WHO GET YOU!!!!! Support you, love you, encourage you, and who won’t let you fail! Myself included.


Let’s do this, beautiful.


If you have any more burning questions, feel free to hit “reply” to this email - and I will answer directly to you as quickly as I can get through my inbox to you! There are 5 spaces left at this pricepoint, which officially expires at midnight tonight. Something tells me if you are still reading this, beauty, there is something inside nudging you that this is the next right step for you. There are no mistakes, no coincidences in life. Our paths have crossed for a reason, the Universe has shown you this opportunity for a reason.


The question is, will you take it?


Follow Your Heart Always (even when fear tries to stop you, gorgeous),



This will be the only time I know for sure I will be mentoring aspiring female entrepreneurs on how to build an online platform for your worldwide, service based business - from scratch. We have an INCREDIBLE group already waiting and ANTICIPATING our start date next week, I get goosebumps thinking of the space we are sharing and holding for eachother already to grow, learn, expand, blossom, and impact the world with our purpose and passion <3

We have only a few spaces left before the investment goes up by $500 tonight (Wednesday June 8th). If it's calling on your heart to join us, be sure to click HERE and join us right away!!





Here is what Kelsey had to say…


“In December I made the JUMP to sign up with her, I didn't know where the money was going to come from to pay for the program but I KNEW the investment would return. And it has.


My 3 months with Jennifer Jayde was unbelievable. I elevated myself and my business. I learned more about myself and my vision for Alive and for our family than I EVER would have. I created a website from scratch in less than a week, I created opt-ins, newsletters and more - all from her leadership.


I am about to JUMP again and elevate myself EVEN HIGHER. I am READY to help MORE women around the WORLD, Feel Alive and Allow their Passion to Create their Income!

If you have ever thought of making the JUMP with a HIGH END Coach I would strongly suggest Jennifer's program.


We start Monday and I am counting down the HOURS!!!” 

                                                    - Kelsey Davidson, Alive Fitness + Wellness Coach, Canada




Now it’s your turn, beauty…. <3