Hello my beautiful soul sister ,


Did you hear the news?! 

I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and offer something COMPLETELY new and different that has me more lit up than ever before… { If you love personal ah-ha moment stories as much as I do - keep reading, but if not, skip down to the video to hear the exciting news!! }

I started my business fuelled by this EXACT same inner feeling of excitement. It grew at lightning speed straight out of the gate. Surprising me I think more than anyone.

It turns out, I had a secret that was helping me grow my business (and my Self) so fast.

A secret I was too shy to share outside of my inner circle.

In all honesty, I was afraid of what people would think. 

But the truth is, what was helping me grow my business so swiftly and exponentially - was the connection I had with my inner guide. 
My gut instincts. My Highest Self. 

I would consult with this inner GPS over all things, as much as I could. My pricing and price increases, which clients to work with and which to avoid, what to include in my programs, what to say or ask during client coaching calls, what to create next and even how to hit my income intention for the following month...not to mention my every day personal life. 

I learned how to get in flow with the Universe, . 

That was my secret. 

I know my best guide, is inside. 

And now, , for the first official time ever, I’m here to connect you with yours. 


Are you feeling; 

  • like the fire in your heart is dwindling 
  • like there’s something missing, that you can’t quite place your finger on 
  • unfulfilled, 
  • unmotivated, 
  • uninspired 
  • lost 
  • like you wish you could connect to that inner fire again (or even for the first time!) 
  • like it would be so nice to be more connected to your intuition, and more trusting of it

If you are, I totally get it. I’ve been there too and it wasn’t very long ago!

Somehow I managed to get derailed from listening to my inner voice, and instead started trusting outside sources instead of my own. 

My sense of inspiration started draining out of me fast, but I had no idea why because I was doing exactly as I was being told (externally) to do. 

When I realized what had happened, I reconnected with my own inner infinite mentor, and let me tell you the energy shift ALONE has been priceless in value to me.

Not just because I'm more FIRED UP than ever, but because I feel like a loving, peaceful POWERHOUSE radiating love from the inside out. And I keep attracting more and more opportunities that I didn't even have to go out and grind for, like international tv interviews, online magazine features, podcast interviews, and clients reaching out to work with me when I never even put out an offering. 

Imagine feeling; 

  • Unstoppable 
  • Unshakable 
  • Connected to Your Unique Purpose 
  • Tapped in to your Bottomless Well of Infinite Power 
  • Clear on your Mission and Message 
  • LIT UP completely from the inside out 
  • ALIVE 
  • Connected to your Intuition - Your Best Guide is Inside 

If this is resonating with you in ANY way, have a peek at this 2-3 minute video, and feel into whether or not you think this was a coincidence you received this email today…

If you’re ready to finally discover the truth of who you are, what you came here to effect in the world, and connect to your own inner source of infinite power… Be sure to join me within the next 48 hours, and you will also receive a private 1x1 session with me. Let’s chat, my beautiful soul sister!

Follow Your Heart Always,