Hello my beautiful soul sister , 

I remember when I was so ready to get my online business launched and running full speed ahead. I had a foggy idea of the direction I wanted to go, and NO idea of how to put it together and turn it into a successful, thriving business. 

So I hired the business coach I felt most aligned with, and I got to spend 45 minutes with her per week, 3-4 times per month. I wished our calls could be at least 2 hours (or even 2 days!) because there was so much I wanted to know, so much I wanted to get done. 

If only I could just spend even a few days soaking up as much as I possibly could, I knew I that would have been a powerful platform for me to leap even further into my dream business and life. 

So when the incredible techpreneur and online biz strategist Kristi Candelario asked if I'd be apart of the Wanderpreneur Retreat - it was a no brainer for me! 

OF COURSE I would looooove to spend 5 days in paradise getting to meet and connect with a small group of soul sisters from around the globe, ready to turn their purpose into a powerful online business! 

This is for the woman who;

  • feels an inner pull to get clearer on her purpose, and discover how to turn it into her dream online business
  • may have even already started her online business, and is looking for advice, steps, strategies, tips, tools and custom business blueprint just for her, to leap into the next level of her success
  • loves sunshine, beaches, palm trees, warm weather and white sand as much as I do

If you have ANY desires to change your life, start a business, increase your business to reach more people, and feel more fulfilled, happy, and exhilarated in your life, then these details right here are a must see for you <3

The Universe conspires in so many ways to bring you opportunities that will bring you closer to the life you desire, beauty, but it is up to your free will as to whether or not you will take them, and actually make a change in your life.

I hope you take this one,  <3 

Follow Your Heart Always,