We were having one of those conversations where I didn’t realize it, but I was complaining.


I was complaining to my coach that I didn’t have enough time. That everything was taking longer than I thought and was more work than I realized. I wish I’d had this or done that.


Then he said, “Jen, I’m hearing a lot of what you don’t want. What DO you want?”


Suddenly my rambling stopped and I was at a loss for words.


I realized then, that I had been spending the majority of my time thinking about what I don’t want, or don’t like, or feel that I am lacking - in my life and business.


WOW - what mantras to be sending out into the Universe!


I took the time to think about it. To drop down from my head, into my heart and really envision and feel what I desired to experience every day in my life.


I started sharing what I did want, a life where I win, where I feel good, great, the majority of the time.


It came down to joyful, peaceful, expansiveness. Bliss.




What about you, gorgeous?



If you’re anything like me, you may have been spending a good chunk of time with thoughts that do not serve you in creating the life that you want, but rather are complaining about the life that you have.


Let’s flip the switch on this today, beauty!! Here’s why it’s vital to creating the life and business of your dreams…


They say what we focus on, expands - so let’s get focused on what we truly want to see expand in our life <3


Come play with me in the land of limitless possibility…


If I handed you a debit card that would never ever run out of funds, with no limits on how much you could spend or when, tell me;


-    After you’ve taken care of your family, friends, and causes close to your heart, and after you've grown bored of lounging beachside and poolside all day everyday… How are you spending your time, for you?

-    Humans have the innate desire for connection, and to be of meaningful service in the world - What would be the most joyful, fulfilling way for you to spend time in service of someone or something outside of yourself? Something that feels exciting and exhilarating, not obligatory…It could be anything in the world, even something you just made up yourself that doesn't exist yet!

-    Where are you in the world?

-    What can you see around you?

-    Who are you with?

-    What does it smell like?

-    What does it taste like?

-    What does it sound like?

-    What are the top 3 words it FEELS like?


A little while back I took Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping Workshop, where we had to go deep over 2 days to come up with our 3 core desired feelings. By answering the questions above, you may likely have come up with yours, or maybe you even already knew what they were.



Since bringing my 3 core desired feelings to the forefront of my consciousness, my whole world has changed.

And all I had to do, was press the “stop” button on my useless complaining, and press the “play” button on the life I want to create from this moment forward.


Here’s how;


1)    I created a paragraph of the way I want to feel, be, do and have and read it out loud into my voice recorder on my iPhone 8x. I listen to this recording every morning between snooze buttons.

2)    I took 10 sheets of paper and wrote my most powerful desired feelings or phrases (written in present tense, just like the paragraph above) and taped them all over the house where I would see them repeatedly through the day - the silverware drawer, the fridge, the bathroom, my home office. Even post-it notes in my car and around my workspace.

3)    I set reminders in my phone like “ I am successful “ “ I feel peaceful, joyful and expansive”
“I always have more than enough time and money, for all of my desires” - to pop up throughout the day

4)    I listen to 20 minutes of an inspiring, motivating, or new learning concept each morning or during my lunch break.

5)    I wore a “Buddhaful Life” wrap bracelet that had two little beautiful chimes on it, and every time I put it on, I would say my 3 core desired feelings over and over as I wrapped it around my wrist. Each time I would hear the soft chimes throughout the day, my consciousness would be brought back to those 3 powerful feelings, and I would be reminded to focus on them through the day - acknowledging and giving gratitude for the ways and times I experience those feelings, even in the smallest of ways - and watching them expand day after day after day…




* It is said that repetition is one of (maybe THE most) powerful way to reprogram the subconscious mind; and in the reprogramming of our subconscious mind, we change our thoughts, which change our feelings, which change our actions, which change our habits, which change our lives.


* It is said that setting an intention out into the Universe, feeling it within yourself like it’s already happening, and giving gratitude for it, is the most powerful way to reshape your reality.

It is said that what we focus on, expands.


* It is said that we are the children of the most high God, who’s desire for us is to live a life BETTER than we can even imagine right now, but we are the ones with the free will who need to actually ask (pray) for what we want, take as much inspired action as we are guided to, and have faith and trust that God will always provide what is in service to our highest and best purpose.


Whichever resonates with you, the fact remains the same…


The Universe is rigged in your favour.


You were meant to live the highest and best vision for your life.


Those dreams in your soul are not fantasies - they have been given to you as gifts to guide you! To set your inner guide GPS for!!!


And you will always be supported in creating this life, if you have the courage to go for it.


Beautiful, we both know you are a brave and courageous soul - so there’s only one thing left to do…




I believe in you, beauty. You so got this…And you are never, ever alone :-)



Follow your heart always,






If you could use a little help in the imagination department, here is a free guided meditation that really helped me get crystal clear on the vision I desire for my life, by connecting with my future highest and best self! Download it for free here.