Over the last week, many people have sent thoughtful messages and texts sending their love, and asking what in the world I am doing "living in San Diego!?!!!"  I loooove receiving personal notes from the beautiful souls and friends I've met both in my personal and social media life, but one person asked me something totally different. My best friend asked HOW I am doing down here. I wrote this in response to her, and to celebrate my first full week, I thought I would share it here with you;

The good, the great,  and the not-so-awesome, too.

 Dear S...

Well to be totally honest I got here and felt incredible!!! And through the whole drive I just felt sooo good!!!  I was enjoying the drive so much I almost didn't even want it to end. Then the next day after I got here, exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. So I layed low Friday, just unpacked and got groceries. Even that felt like a struggle.


Saturday was a bit of a random day, I headed to the beach (of course!) with a book and packed lunch, but instead found myself at the PB (Pacific Beach) Beach Festival, made some new friends from all over the US,  and got invited to the Chargers NFL game the next day. I didn't go. Wasn't feeling it...and honestly I don't regret it. I'm hoping when Graham gets down here we will go to a game together. I've got a coffee date next week with another coach that lives here in San Diego and is doing the same business mentorship as I am. I am always excited by the potential of making a new friend <3

Sunday RAAAIN, like torrential downpour, 'Notebook' hollywood movie-style rain (their first time having rain since February!! And it was sunny back home on Vancouver Island I hear - Of course!! Haha) but it was kind of nice because it reminded me of home and I was feeling a bit down. My mind was going crazy with thoughts like, what the hell am I doing here?! Why did I leave my friends and family?  I don't know anyone here (except Craig and Annie of course but I can't bug them everyday!) I felt lonely, and self-doubt crept in. 

But I made a decision to start my ideal daily routine Monday morning (before I left I journalled about what my dream daily routine would look like even when I don't "have" to work anymore. What would I be doing? How would I spend my day? And how can I start living like that as much as possible right now?), and I did and felt good again by Monday night, even though the rain continued.


Tuesday the sun came back and I went for a run around the neighbourhood, and again followed my happy daily routine, and today, same thing. Sun is out, just finished my workout, feeling really happy and excited to be waking up in San Diego. It hit me this morning; I am waking up in the very place that was just a wish on my vision board earlier this year.


And to top it off, Annie asked me to go surfing with her tomorrow.

Of course my first internal gut reaction was NO WAY IN HELL! I've never tried surfing and there is a reason for that. My biggest fear is drowning. I despise water up my nose, swallowing water, I've never had a swimming lesson in my life so I feel I am not as strong a swimmer as I could be. I don't want to hurt myself, cut myself on coral (again...ouch!!!), or choke on salt water. It's so strange because I have a deep LOVE of the ocean...but I prefer to be lazily swimming, listening to the waves crash with a good book in my hand, or boating on a hot day with cold drinks and good friends!! 

But then I thought...what if I didn't allow fear to rob me of a potentially exhilarating experience? ...so I said yes!!!! Just minutes ago!!! 🙈 Friday morning at 11am, its go time. So if you never hear from me again, know that I love you, and I went out challenging my greatest fear, which I consider a win in itself!! haha

I am having lots of people message me about coaching and wanting to set up consults so that feels really great! I am working with my own clients now, yesterday was my busiest day!! I thought I would be exhausted by the end of it, but I was surprised, I was actually energized by it!! To think that together we are going to change their world to become a place more fulfilling, exhilarating and purpose driven than they have ever experienced up until this day EXCITES me more than anything before. I am nearly sold out of available client spaces!!!! I am blown away with gratitude, and by how many women are ready to take power over the creation of their life. 

To sum up how it feels, everyday I feel like I am in uncharted territory, but it also invigorates me and makes me feel alive...



Follow Your Heart Always,