If you’re here, beautiful, chances are we have a lot in common.


But, before we go any further, let’s be sure..


Do any of the following ring true for you?


*  have been or are currently in a job you know is not aligned with your soul

*  have that nagging sensation you were meant for something more, but can’t quite put your finger on what that something is

*  or, have figured out what that something is, and are ready to find a way to create a full time, location free income based on what’s powerful for you in your soul to be doing

*  desire to effect positive loving change in the lives of others

*  desire time freedom, schedule freedom, location freedom and FINANCIAL freedom

*  desire to live authentically within a life that is both fulfilling and meaningful

*  desire to be a role model and inspiration to your littles, your spouse, your family, your friends, maybe even the world…


If even 1 of those things stood out for you, keep reading!


A mind weed I’ve had since as far back as I can remember, is that anything I do for myself, or anytime that I put myself first - is selfish.


That we must first ensure everyone else around us is taken care of, healthy and happy, and THEN we can focus on ourselves.


Only then - we’ve run out of gas and have nothing but fumes left for ourselves!


Have you ever felt that way, gorgeous ?

Like you would be a terrible person, partner, mother, friend, sister etc. - if you put your own needs ‘ahead’ of theirs?


I lived my whole life trying to ensure I was never a burden to anyone else, always said yes even when inside I wanted to say no, being a people pleaser, caregiver, avoiding conflict even to my own self-detriment, and draining my energy to the point of exhaustion just to ensure I was being a good person for everyone else.


Sound familiar?




Then someone shared that beautiful analogy with me that finally shifted my perception of what it means to be able to give.



You have to HAVE something TO give!

In other words, you cannot serve from an empty vessel.


Like when the airplane oxygen masks drop - you’ve GOT to put on your own, even before your child’s, otherwise you risk not being able to help them at all.


 When I realized that having a strong desire to be of service to others actually NECESSITATES my own self-care, my whole life began to change from the inside out - literally.


I attached my making my health and happiness a priority, with actually being a better wife, daughter, sister, friend and business owner.


It wasn’t selfish for me to do what I needed to in order to feel happy again - it was growing my capacity (ability and energy) to serve my loved ones in a more powerful way.


Similarly when discovering my purpose, I asked myself - who else will benefit from me stepping into alignment with my highest calling?


Who else will benefit from me being a happier, more fulfilled version of myself?


Which brings us to our most powerful step so far.


Step 3


* Who else’s lives will improve, when I make a conscious effort to improve my own? Who will be happier to be around a happier me?


People I love:




People I care about:






Acquaintances/Work Friends that May be Inspired to take control of their own happiness:






And don’t forget about the ripple effect, beauty. If you inspire just one person to start making positive change in their life, who would THEY go on to inspire around them - because you inspired them first? Just think about that for a moment…

*  What would it mean for my most important relationships in my life, if I were happier and more fulfilled each day?

Spouse/Partner Relationship______________

Relationship with my Littles _______________

Relationship with My Closest Friends _________________

Relationship with my SELF _________________________


*What would happen, if I didn’t make the conscious effort to shift my happiness and fulfillment, what would life look like and feel like 1 year from now?


*  5 Years from Now?


*  How would my most valued relationships be affected then?

Spouse/Partner Relationship______________

Relationship with my Littles _______________

Relationship with My Closest Friends _________________

Relationship with my SELF _________________________



*  On a scale of 1-10, how much does it mean to me to live a happy, meaningful, fulfilling life?



*  On a scale of 1-10, how committed am I in order to make this shifts in my life? Am I willing to start doing something I’ve never done, if I want to have something I’ve never had? Am I willing to move beyond what’s comfortable, so I can discover what’s POSSIBLE?






How was that for you, beautiful?


Are you ready to start making small but powerful steps into the direction of your freedom-based life?


The one that you LOVE, the one where you THRIVE - instead of the one where you’re doing what you can to survive?

The one where you are OVERFLOWING with energy, love, and happiness to give away freely?


If you said yes - we definitely have a lot and common, and I consider you my newest soul sister : )


I hope these 3 powerful steps provided you with some big clues as to what your calling this life truly is.


If you’re still feeling like you could use some extra clarity, I created a more in-depth self-study program for you that actually includes the opportunity to connect with me live if you like!


Check out the details here - and if your soul feels a jolt of excitement, I hope you’ll take action on behalf of what excites you, before your mind tries to talk you out of it. That old inner critic has been in control of your life for far too long now, and it’s time you showed it the door.


It’s time to remember you have wings, and you were born to fly.


Let’s soar together, lovely.




I’ll look forward to seeing you inside, and connecting with you personally!


FollowYour Heart Always,



I know how draining it is to have no idea what would make you happy again. But I also know what’s waiting for you on the other side of discovering what would truly light you up from the inside out for the very first time - and it is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever known. If you’re feeling like you’re meant for something more, but can’t quite put your finger on what that is yet for you, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that finding these answers will change the course of your life beyond your wildest dreams - and you will find those answers here



“ The Best Day of Our Life is the Day We are Born. The next is the Day we find out Why…”