Hello my beautiful soul sister , 

Just over a week ago I was awakened by my husband with tragic news. We had unexpectedly lost one of the younger members of our family. She wasn't much older than us, and had two beautiful young daughters of her own...but on that sunny Friday afternoon, our beloved Karen went on her last adventure. 

I was in so much shock and utter disbelief that I didn't even cry right away. 

It just didn't feel real. It couldn't be real...

In this incredibly huge loss, I am reminded once again of why I do what I do. 

I remember so vividly the pain it took for me to FINALLY overcome my biggest fears 7 years ago and leave my 9-5 for good, how I got started transitioning my life from the one I thought I was supposed to want - a successful career in the world of finance, settling into a nice house with a nice husband and a nice dog -  and instead creating the adventurous, beach + sunshine filled one I'd actually wanted.

I knew I had to go live in the Savvy Soul Sister's group to share exactly HOW I was able to overcome my most GIANT of fears, when leaving my 9-5 for good and the only life I'd ever known behind, and venture off into the completely unknown...

If you're ready for big + meaningful change in your own life, , be sure to click play below.

Inside I share;

  • a bit more with you about what actually happened last week
  • how to constantly and consistently overcome your greatest fears when it comes to changing your life in new + big ways
  • 3 key ways to check in be real with yourself on whether or not you are on your highest path, and what needs to change ASAP...

This may be one of the most open and vulnerable videos I've shared with you to date. I hope you take every word into your heart, because this is truly the heart and soul of how I'm even here talking to you today. 

And if I can do this, so can you <3

If you have ANY desires to change your life, start a business, increase your business to reach more people, and feel more fulfilled, happy, and exhilarated in your life, then today's message is a must see for you <3

I create these free trainings for you beauty, in hopes that they will illuminate your path to a living an inspired life, even just a little bit more than before.

Enjoy, my beautiful soul sister <3 

Follow Your Heart Always,