Hello my beautiful soul sister ,

It wasn’t long ago that I was sitting in my windowless office, daydreaming of the outside world, and wishing I could be a part of it for more than just the evenings and weekends.

I totally understand Ariel from the Little Mermaid now.

What about you, gorgeous?

Have you ever felt caught in that groundhog type of life, where every day is just the same as the last, and you end up too exhausted after you put in your 8 hours to actually do something worthwhile?

Can you relate to wishing the weekend would come sooner, and feeling a little bummed on Sunday night that groundhog week is starting all over again first thing in the morning?

As this inner nudge inside of me to ESCAPE this endless cycle was getting louder and louder, I received the most devastating news in the world.






My young uncle, whom was more like a big brother to me, had less than 1 year left to live.

I dropped everything in my life to be by his side in those final few months. It was the first time I’d ever been so close to someone leaving this planet so much earlier than expected.




It forced me to ask myself the question, “If my doctor told ME I had one year left to live, would I be okay with the way I’d been living my life up until today?”  - I bet you can guess my answer.

What about you, beauty?

What would you say if I were some kind of angel that came down to earth to let you know that you were within your last 365 days on the planet.

Would you still be living the life you’re living today? Would you wish that you had done things differently the last few years? 

I often say, the gift in my uncle dying, was that I finally had that soul shaking awakening - to live. 

He would have given ANYTHING to live just one more day, every day - and I was not going to take this gift of life of mine for granted anymore.

Beauty, this was the mortality motivation I needed to WAKE UP to the fact that next year is never guaranteed. 

My hope in sharing this with you, sister, is to stir something inside of you. 


Something that may have been laying dormant for too long now, or has been being suppressed by fear. 

The truth is beautiful, you are a gift to the planet. 

There is a light inside your soul, that you were born to shine in the world. No one else can shine this light, quite like you can.

Have you found it yet?

 I beg of you - do not wait. Do not wait until something horrific has to happen, before you finally wake up and start taking inspired action on behalf of your dreams, your purpose in this life. 

Do not wait until next year, next month, or next week. If you do, the life that is calling for you will continue to elude you. 

Dig deeper now. 

Be relentless in the pursuit of discovering what sets your SOUL ON FIRE.

Find it. Ignite it. LIGHT UP THE WORLD. 

It’s what you came here for <3 

Follow Your Heart Always,



I just want to thank you for being here <3