How would you finish this sentence - and I mean truly, I challenge you to not continue reading this until you have done just that ..." At the end of my days, I can die happy knowing that I  __________________."

Did you finish the sentence? If not, have some patience with yourself,and try again until you get it.

What is it that you would rather try and fail miserably at, than play it safe and never truly know what could have been? What IS this for you? Got it?

Okay. Now, where did that thought take you?

Are you on the right path to making this a reality? Or perhaps you are in a place where you truly have no idea what your path is, yet.

Whichever one it is for you, I absolutely hear you. I know what it feels like to be in both spots. To be on the biggest detour of your life, so far in the opposite direction of where your heart has been nudging and whispering for you to be. And also to be in a place of feeling unfulfilled, but having no idea why.

The good news is, you are not alone. You can get onto the path of your best life. And it can happen even quicker than you currently believe to be possible.


I once had a dream, that seemed so far-fetched to me, that even my closest friends (at the time) laughed when I shared it with them. Their laughter shredded any ounce of courage I had, and so I didn't even try.


I let life happen to me.  One convenient job opening led to another, and to expanding myself further in that particular field.  Before I knew it, I was a long ways away from where my heart had originally tried to take me, years before.

As life went along I began asking myself if this was really it for me. This same pattern week in and week out until I retire. Until I am old and gray. Waiting for friday, dreading monday, living for summer time, numbing myself on weeknights and weekends with wine and movies and chocolate to forget what my real life was like.

Sound familiar? If yes, hear me out…

Around this same time, a very dear (and young) family member was given one year to live.  He lived 11 months, it was both excruciatingly painful, and the MOST EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE of my life.  It was here that I mark the change in course of my life.  I started thinking.... What if you were given 1 year to live? Would you be okay with the way you have been living it? Would you feel as though you had done the best with the time you have been given? I bet you can guess what my own answer was.


I realized there was no time to waste. It was time to start listening to my heart. It was time to start trusting my gut, taking some risks and leaps, loving more, LIVING more, and discovering how bright I could possibly shine in the time I have left.


What about you?

Has your heart been whispering to you, but you feel like it's impossible to make those dreams happen? Like you can't see the whole path, so there must not be a way?

Or maybe you're not really sure where your heart is trying to guide you?!  I've been there too!


There is nothing more heartbreaking to me than a woman feeling unfulfilled with her life.

The goal is to get to your deathbed, with a smile on your face. Knowing you met the very best version of YOU, that you loved hard, LIVED harder, and experienced everything first hand, in spite of fear and the unknown. You did it all.

The only way you can know, is to give it all you have.


And if you feel like you would like to expedite this process, just like with anything else in life that you would like to accelerate - hire a coach! If you feel we may be a great fit, I would love to connect further with you <3

Follow Your Heart Always,