I've often thought of myself as a big dreamer, but it wasn't until I met and saw real life people LIVING their dreams, that I realized two things…

That it actually is possible to turn dreams into reality, it's not some big secret conspiracy theory.

And secondly, that it was time to dream bigger.

I often speak to women who are just now starting to awaken to the possibility of their dreams.  I remember that feeling well, as one of the best in my life (and not so long ago!).

If you are that woman beauty, I am going to dare you to dream even bigger with me today.

I am personally inviting you into the realm of limitless possibility, where you are free to create a life even BETTER than your dreams are at this moment, and every seeming obstacle is "figureoutable" - as Marie Forleo would say.

This is where I started living just fall of last year, when my coach invited me then, as I am inviting you now.

When I first had the calling on my heart to help other women create their dream life and businesses, I had not even the SLIGHTEST clue what that meant or what that would look like. I asked the universe for help.

 I remained open to possibility, and to the signs and clues that excited my heart (this is our intuition telling us YES!! Right before our ego tries to confuse us with fear-based noooo's). When people and opportunities came into my life, even with ego trying to hold me back and throw my fears in my face,

I took that shaky step forward.


I built trust with my heart, my intuition, and that I was being supported by the universe when I was paying attention to what felt good and right in my heart (even when absolutely terrifying). I began to make bigger and bigger leaps as my trust strengthened. 




Since last fall when my coach and I realized that it was actually through becoming a coach myself that I was going to facilitate other women on the path to their dreams, a whirlwind of exciting change (that I had previously deemed impossible) has manifested in my life.  I now feel completely and utterly free, expansive, and purposeful. In just a few short months, I created a 2nd home base in the sunny location that has been on my heart for the last 5 years here in San Diego. I still cannot believe I get to wake up here every morning.  I am creating a thriving dream business and laptop lifestyle simply by expressing what is in my heart so passionately with others, and empowering + guiding  them to do the same.

This is what I want for you, beauty.

To live a life you are in near disbelief is yours.

I have never felt so "on purpose" in my life, so authentically me…not an outsider trying to fit in or force myself to be happy in places and situations and jobs where I am not. This feeling is indescribable, and what I want you to know so deeply more than anything- is that there is NOTHING different or special about me.

 I wasn't born into money (by any means), I don't have an unusually high IQ, specialized degrees, or some special magic pixie dust. I am just a girl from a small Island in Canada with big dreams.

If it's possible in the world , it's possible for you.


All you need in order to create your dreams beauty, is to take that first step. And once you find your footing with that step, I guarantee you, your next step will be revealed to you.
And the next…
And the next…

If you have no idea what step 1 is - guess what that means?
Your step 1, is simply finding someone that does.
Can't wait for you to discover what happens next…

Follow Your Heart Always,

PS - 

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