You’ve heard enough from me beauty - Let’s let your soul sisters do the sharing now. 

As you glance over just a few examples of real life women just like you who felt the fear and did it anyway, I hope you’ll recognize a piece of yourself in them - and know this is possible for you, too…


Brittni Colleen -  ”In less than 3 months time I’ve paid off my debt, had the wedding of my dreams, moved to my dream home,  AND discovered my Zone of Genius to a tee…”


Meghan Weir - Celebrating clarity, momentum, and 5 figure months!


Cindy Ellen - Went from stress leave at her 9-5, to thriving as a whole brand new person and high vibe entrepreneur with clarity on her Zone of Genius and creating paying clients doing what lights her up the most! “ Without Jen's help it would have taken me probably 5 years rather than 1 to get where I am now…”


Kelsey Davidson - Was terrified over making the leap with a young family, a husband facing a possible layoff, and already having an existing location-based business that was keeping her tied down to one location, when she dreamed of living under the sun on the beach with her family. Less than 1 year later Kelsey now resides full time in Costa Rica with her hubby and two small children, running the business of her dreams…


Julie Rachelle Heida - Has turned her pain into her purpose and is now empowering women from the aftermath of eating disorders, to living a full healthy and free life from this day forward. She’s been asked to present on stage this month!


I may sound biased, beauty, but I truly believe the 9-5 Escape Plan will be life transformative for you, if you all you do is muster up the courage to take the first step in registering today. The doors are closing within hours now, and I have no known plans to offer this program again. If I do, it will not be at this unbelievably low price point for the lifelong change it is designed to create.

With a 30 day risk free guarantee, and the pricing being 1/2 of the value (and likely next round pricing will double if we open it up again) - it’s a no brainer, beauty. 

Today could be the day everything changes…

I’ve got you xo

Follow Your Heart Always,

PS - 

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