My name is Jen, and I am an over achiever.

The earliest known memory of this takes us back to Kindergarten, when the teacher called my mom to discuss why I was so upset by colouring outside of the lines.

It got worse as I got older.

By high school I worked tirelessly to be a straight A student on the principles list.

I played on 3 soccer teams, and worked 24 hours a week at my movie theatre job as well as keeping up with my studies, my social life, and my boyfriend.

I became a 100% commissioned mortgage broker by 22, which scared the crap out of me because I already had a mortgage payment to worry about.

Then I decided I wanted to be the very best wedding photographer I could possibly be, so I travelled around the world to mentor with the best of the best, and I grew my new business obsessively.

I then realized, I had a deeper calling inside my soul to help other women discover, launch and grow THEIR dream business, and I started the obsessive business building process all over again.

Which brings me to today.

I'm sitting here, as we speak, at my secret beach spot on Vancouver Island. I've never brought anyone here, except my fur baby Asia once last year.  I can see sailboats breeze by, mountains in the distance, blue sky above me, I can even sit under one of my favourite things, a willow tree.

I come here to be alone with my thoughts, to hear my soul whisper to me, to unplug, and to unwind.

What it's telling me today gorgeous, is what I want to share with you.

In my last love letter to you, I promised you I would slow down to speed up. That it was time to shift from an over-revving 1st gear, into 2nd gear - and I want to share with you what I've done in these 2 short days.

            •           Joined a mastermind group with 3 other high level entrepreneurs, whom   are each also committed to peaceful, joyful, authentic and expansive growth in their life and worldwide businesses.

            •           Went back to the gym!

            •           Re-hired my private health coach

            •           Started doing my full self-care morning routine again, not just my morning mantra + ritual

            •           Took Asia for walks every day - fresh air and green smoothies for us mid-afternoon!

            •           Left "work" early on Friday to drive to my beach location and recharge.

And here I am.


What I also didn't mention yet, is these have also been the most productive and creative days of my business probably in the last month.




I came up with a whole sub-brand I am BURSTING to share with you (very soon!!) because I know how much INCREDIBLE value it's going to be able to bring to your own life and business.

I created a brand new action plan for my business that has me feeling as giddy and excited as I felt for my first 6 months (before overwhelm struck a month ago!) - But also promotes more peace and balance in my life.

This includes a new high level program for existing entrepreneurs, elite private mentorships, and a sacred space for us to meet and converse privately online (FRIG I am getting so pumped even just writing about it!!!!)

My creative juices are flowing again, my happiness levels are rising, and I feel the weight of stress on my chest just floating away.

In fact, I've been feeling so relaxed these last few days, that when I came upon a snake { seriously my BIGGEST fear!! } on my walk with Asia, I just. kept. walking.


Seriously. The last time I saw a snake in this very same spot, I kid you not I turned around and ran away screaming like a freak! Arms flailing and everything. Asia was terrified. And our walk was over lol.

Anyway! Back to you.

Do you recognize any over achieving qualities about yourself?

Have you allowed yourself to get into overwhelm and stress because of it?

I hear you.

I want you to know I'm on this journey with you, and I have vowed to be an example of peaceful, expansive growth, so you know that you don't have to give up a life you love, to have a business you love.

That you can have both.


I'm going to be mentoring a group of women that are ready to create their own purpose driven business, that desire expansive, worldwide impact, without the sacrifice of their personal well-being.

Everything I have learned in my New York Masterminds recently, everything I have personally learned about growing BOTH a business and a LIFE you love, everything I've learned from the top of the top in the industry, from being 10 years since my last traditional paycheque, what I would do again, and what I would do differently... And the exact steps I followed to create 6 figures in 6 months - I will be passing on to my success soul sisters that join me in the Dream Starter Program.

There are 10 spaces remaining at the $500 off promo offer – so beautiful, if you know you have a calling in your heart that is greater than what you are doing today, I hope you will join your success soul sisters and I on the journey of a lifetime.

Remember when I said I laid out the plans for my business with all my creative juices flowing again now?

I've realized that I won't be offering a Live Online Program for the beginner entrepreneur ever again. That I will be mentoring the intermediate entrepreneurs that are ready for next level support and guidance.

So please beauty, I urge you. If you could use support in launching the business your soul is calling you towards, now would be the time to finally take inspired action. It will never be more affordable than it is now, and when the doors are closed, they're closed for good.

I will be supporting and guiding you through massive online business growth, in a way that supports your mind/body/soul health and wellness too.

Earn More. Give More. Live More.

You deserve the world, gorgeous.

And the world deserves your light.

I hope you will be my next savvy soul sister <3


Follow Your Heart Always,



There'll never be a better time than today to join us; The price is only going up, there are only 10 spaces left at this price point (at the time of writing this), and an opportunity to launch your business Live with me through the Dream Starter Program will not be offered again. What's worse for you, beauty - the fear of failure, or the regret in wondering what might have been?

You have some amazing soul sisters waiting to go on this journey with you beauty! We are getting started soon!! We welcome you with open arms, and hope you'll join us for the journey of a lifetime…