Hello my beautiful soul sister ,

I've got two huge and potentially life changing things to share with you today.

Firstly - Did you grab your  Client Booster Checklist yesterday? I cannot believe how many people have already requested it, in just one day! I hope it serves you in moving to your next level of success in your dream business!

And secondly, I've been thinking about you, , and how I could best serve you in living your purpose in a BIG way, by connecting you with the thousands of lives you know in your soul you're meant to impact.

This is why I'm so excited to announce that the Zone of Genius Mastermind is now open!! 

It's been designed for the new coach that's in her first year of business - but hasn't yet broken through her glass ceiling to the success she knows she's meant for.

Have you heard that old saying about the definition of insanity, beauty? You know -  doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...

It's time to do something bold.

Together we will;


*Get you out of the pattern of struggle and overwhelm, and into the flow of creating clients and income

* Show you how to hit your income intentions every single month without having to work harder

* Move you beyond your zone of excellence, into your zone of genius - where the magnetic conscious leaders play

* Define what makes you unique, so you can rise above the online crowds and be seen as the leader that you are

* Refine your branding, marketing and business strategies, to match your unique and bold message that you now OWN

* Blast through the self sabotage, upper limits, procrastination, and negative self talk that is holding you back BIG time

* Discover how to magnetize your clients, rather than chase them

* Scale your business so it works for YOU, to match your ideal lifestyle

* Work on a more intimate level than a group program, but still have the powerful benefits of a tight-knit best biz friend community

Beauty, sometimes what we need is someone who can call us out on our own BS, push us passed our fears and ego into the limitlessness of our soul, and ensure that what we are putting out in the world, is actually what the world wants from us - and in alignment with our deepest purpose for our life.

The Universe has this funny way of not allowing us to succeed where we aren't meant to. In other words, if we're trying to serve the wrong ideal client, or haven't fully tapped into our big WHY yet, the Universe will encourage us to keep digging until we get to our inner gold.

So if you're barking up the wrong tree in some way you can't see, beauty - LET'S CHANGE IT NOW!

Together you and I, and our dream team of 12 soul sisters - will help you rise to the top of your game.

Are you ready to kick things into high gear for next year? 

I know what it takes beauty - I was able to go from little lost Canadian girl 1 year ago, to feeling larger than life in my purpose, generating a quarter million in sales, and becoming what I always dreamed of being - a California girl! (Though Canada still has my heart!)

And I know that what I did, can easily be done by you, too.

I'm here to show you how...

Follow Your Heart Always,


PS - There are only 12 spaces, beautiful - and a whole lot of new coaches that are ready to step up their game for 2017 in order to be of massive service in the world. Some will take brave, bold and immediate action on behalf of their dreams (like I did! - scary, but worth it!), and some will allow ego to once again convince them to delay, wait for the right time, or maybe think about it more in the new year. Can you guess who will see their dreams come true in 2017? 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Let's get you some REAL results.  And you might want to check out the incredible bonuses the first 5 to register are getting!! I'll see you inside,  ...