Hello my beautiful soul sister , 

I'm going to be totally raw and vulnerable with you today...

Truth be told, I invested over $80k in the first year of my business on everything from coaches to facebook ads and everything in between -  and now that I have good ol' 20/20 hindsight behind me, there are a few things I DEFINITELY would have done differently! 

This is not easy for me to admit, , but because I did NOT have this kind of money just laying around waiting for when I had the bright idea to start my 2nd dream business, I had to go into debt. Huuuge debt.

More debt than I've ever been in, in my life! 

And if there's any way I can help you avoid making the same mistakes I made, you'll find them in this video originally aired live in the Savvy Soul Sisters Inner Circle (you're welcome to join us if you haven't already!). 


❤️ What is more important than understanding the latest business building strategy trends
❤️ The most expensive business mistake I've made
❤️ An exercise in how to tune in to make big life (and business) decisions that are right for you

Click below to have a peek at what came through to share with you, and let me know which points land for you most strongly right now... <3 

Some of my biggest investments have 100% been worth it and I would totally do them again. But I can also see how easy it is to throw money at more and more and more business "stuff" to try and fill a self-doubt void. By watching this video, I hope you'll very quickly see how you can save yourself the added debt, and build your confidence even quicker than you realized you could <3  

And, remember you are always welcome to join my Savvy Soul Sister Inner Circle if you haven't already, and seek guidance, support, and connection with me and your fellow soul sisters waiting to welcome you there!

See you inside <3 

Follow Your Heart Always,