Hello beautiful, 

I want you to know that I see you. 

The real you.

I know your flaws.

I know every perceived imperfection you see in yourself. 

I hear every thought you have, when you look in the mirror. 

The rushing around, the hustling and bustling, the worrying, the fears, and the endless desire to get to some kind of destination that always seems to elude you. 


The feeling that sometimes you’re not enough. 
I know sometimes you wonder - what’s it all for?



I want you to know, beautiful, I love you. 

The real you. 

I love your flaws.

I love every perceived imperfection you see in yourself. 

With every thought you have when you look in the mirror, I send you even more love. 

And when you’re rushing around in this busy world, I smile knowing that you’re doing your very best. 

Lovely - you are more than enough, just the way you are. 

There is no destination you need get to, there is no past you must run from. 

In this present moment, all you’re meant to be, is present. 

I invite you to have a look at your true Self through my eyes, gorgeous.

See that every time you thought you failed, you were really being groomed for greatness. 

Know that every time you thought you weren’t good enough, you were really being invited to go deeper into your truly limitless potential.
Feel that you are loved beyond your wildest human comprehension, by an entire Universe, and world filled with people you once smiled at, opened the door for, gave your last bite to, leant a shoulder for, hugged for an extra second longer, laughed with, cried with, encouraged, and sent love to even when they didn’t know it.

And I’m writing you today, beauty, because it’s time you count yourself among one of those people. 

The love you give so freely away to everyone else, is equally deserved by you. 

I invite you, beautiful, the next time you look yourself in the mirror - say all the things you would say to your own little girl. 

Because there is a little girl still inside you. And she needs this love, too. 

And when this little girl feels loved unconditionally, she becomes unstoppable in the world. 

She aligns her greatest power, with yours. 

And the two of you uniting - become limitless together. 

You light up the world in ways that take people’s breath away.

You become a beacon of hope, love, and inspiration. 

You ignite the spark in the soul of many, who were feeling dim and lost before you stepped so bravely into your own light. 

Rise and shine, my beautiful soul sister. 

The world needs you - to love you. 

Follow Your Heart Always,