After spending 18 months falling out of love with my life, particularly my (previous) business and the place I’d called home for years - feeling lost, confused, and a total wreck some days…


I took meaningful action to find out what I DID want then, if it wasn’t this.


I was trying to cling to my old/existing life by making myself feel wrong, bad, and guilty for desiring anything else. I tried to “just be happy with what I had” - to practise being more grateful and being more present to all the good around me.


But it was a lie, and deep down, I knew it.


Finally, after hitting a point where I was so emotionally and mentally drained, my physical body started being drained of energy, too.


Even after starting to sleep longer hours at night, thinking that was all I needed, my waking point was when I fell asleep 2 hours after just having got out of bed - for 3 full hours.


Something was definitely wrong.


I panicked and thought it was my health, perhaps I had developed a thyroid issue.


But before I could pick up the phone to make a doctor’s appointment, I had an existing appointment set with someone my friend had recommended - a coach.


Feeling a bit skeptical and unsure - I was also open to anything at this point.


And that one call, has changed my life forever.


Because I decided to work with James for 6 full months, week after week, month after month.


And by the end of our time together, I was feeling on top of the WORLD.


My energy was back, I had the courage to walk away from a business that once had my full heart and soul, I moved down to a city I had been dreaming of for 4 years (San Diego), I had clarity on what my life’s purpose was, and how I was going to turn that into my life’s work.





I had never felt more ALIVE.


From that day forward, I was in that “flow” that I had only ever heard people talk about, or seen them have - but had never really experienced for myself. I started to think maybe I never would.


I’ve gotten comfortable with getting uncomfortable, facing fears, and following my heart over my head.


And it’s made all the difference in my life.


But what I’ve learned is this-


We can’t sit in misery, complaints, even sadness and expect anything to change.


We can’t force ourselves to be happy in situations or places where, if we’re real honest with ourselves, we know it’s just not right for us anymore.


We can’t keep holding on to what weighs us down, if we have the innate desire to fly.


What we CAN do is;


*  choose to lose sight of the shore. If it’s not your island anymore, don’t anchor yourself to it. For as long as you stay, you are betraying yourself, and this gift of life you were given- AND THE GIFTS you are meant to share with the world. Get to a place where you are ready to explore, travel the world- and all of it’s infinite possibilities - with your soul. You’ve got to release the old, so you can welcome the new. The world deserves the happiest, best, and brightest you.


*  get clear on the life you DO want. We spend so much time thinking about what we don’t want, things that aren’t going right, things we wish were different. Instead, spend some time getting to know what you DO want, and work backwards from there to determine your first step. For me, my first step was daydreaming in my journal, while reading “Inspiration” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, then hiring a Coach to help me get deeper and clearer on my purpose, and then hired my high level business coach - to turn my passion and purpose, into my dream business - which is what’s opened the doors for me to live, and continue to create, my dream life.


*  decide how much longer you’re willing to live like this. Think about a friend or family member that may not be here anymore. They would likely give ANYTHING to have more time. Even just one more day.  But you do, beauty.


My question for you is, what are you willing to do with it? 


Follow Your Heart Always,




PS - I’ve been thinking about you a lot, lovely -  and how best I could serve you in uncovering your deepest sense of purpose, bringing this into your dream business, and living a life of limitlessness - full time. Stay tuned for a big announcement coming later this week!!!!!!!!!!

It’s your turn to fly, beauty…