Hello my beautiful soul sister,

Over the weekend I did an interview about the nitty gritty details of actually leaving your 9-5 for good. This was such a pivotal moment and decision in my life, I remember everything about it, as if it were yesterday. 

I’m talking the highs, but mostly - the terrifying lows. 

And it made me realize, I have A LOT to share. 

Now that I have my 20/20 hindsight, there are some things I did right, and some things I definitely could have done better. 

So I’ve put together a Live Free Training on what your MUST KNOW First 3 Steps to consider are when desiring to leave your 9-5 for good. 

I’ll also be revealing how I was able to :

  • Get clear on what I have to offer the world, so I was finally free to leave my 9-5
  • Get over over the paralyzing fear of leaving a regular paycheck behind 
  • Uncover my exact first steps to transition from my day job, into my dream business

If these have been questions swirling around in your soul beauty, trust me, I get it.

So be sure to join me this Saturday Feb 4th at 10am PST for a live Free Training with me (via Teleclass!).

If you’re unable to make it live - don’t worry - I’ll send you the replay to listen to at your convenience. { But you might want to create the time to join me live, as I am giving something extraordinary away to the live listeners only ;) } 

Your soul is on board for change - let’s help your head catch up too - so you can finally start moving forward in the life that’s waiting for you…

Cannot WAIT to connect LIVE with you, beautiful!! 


Follow Your Heart Always,