Let’s talk about the naysayers, beauty…

You know the ones. 

The people who are (quite usually) unhappy in some area of their own life, yet believe they are 100% qualified to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your own.

True story - I ran into an extended family member I hadn’t seen for a long while back when I was in my 9-5, as I walked into a shop downtown on my lunch break.  

He asked what I was up to now and I excitedly told him that I would soon be leaving my job and running my photography business full time.

His exact words were (not even kidding) “….Well don’t quit your day job!” 

Even though this stung (a lot), I also was forewarned never to take advice from people who are not living the kind of life I aspire to having…and this was one of those cases.

But there’s more than one kind of naysayer, beautiful.

What about the online trolls? 

I have to admit, this was one of my biggest fears when it came to becoming more and more visible online. There are people in the world so unhappy, they’re looking to take others down with them. 

I remember the first time I saw a negative comment on one of my Facebook ads.

 It pierced my soul. 

And then I remembered I could look at this from an entirely different perspective. 

With compassion. 

For all I know, this person is lashing out at me talking about creating the life of my dreams, because he just found out his mother has terminal cancer. Who knows. But I choose to believe every person has good in them…even if they have bad days (or years)..and I choose forgiveness. (Then I release them with love, aaaaaand delete and ban, as per my advice from Gabby Bernstein. Unless they’re sincerely reaching out for help, I choose to surround myself with high vibe energies only).

Believe it or not, there is a naysayer worse than both of these combined.

Worse than negative family members, friends, or internet trolls.

Our own head.

Our own head will be the #1 killer of our dreams. Our ego/inner critic knows exactly what our most sensitive pressure points are, to talk us out of moving into the unknown - where our heart longs to explore. 

Our own head is conditioned for survival. It wants only to dwell in the known, measured, safe, familiar areas. 

Yet our heart is longs to THRIVE. And it knows the way…

The moment you decide to let go of the fears and illusions your head will cast in the way of your heart… The moment you choose to listen to your heart and not your head…

Is the moment you become free. 

And the more and more you take action on behalf of your heart, the more momentum, power, and self belief you create. 

You wanna be unstoppable? - Find something that fills your soul so deeply and powerfully inside - it doesn't even frigging MATTER what anyone else has to say….

And know that as long as you’re authentically following your heart and soul, there is nothing anyone could ever say negative about you, that could possibly be true. 

You are an incredibly beautiful spirit - and you deserve an incredibly beautiful life to match. 

No matter what anyone else thinks…including you <3

Follow Your Heart Always,