Last year, while attending a 5 day conference in Las Vegas with some of my biggest inspirations (I was blown away by Lisa Nichols and Jack Canfield from the Secret) - Jack took us through an exercise that took me by total surprise…


He said our body will always give us signs as to what we need to do in order to heal, learn, and grow our soul.


During the exercise, which I wasn’t entirely sure would actually work in a room full of 2000 people, I suddenly had the sensation that someone had their two hands around my neck, and were strangling me. I was shocked and stunned at the same time.


I went on to learn that this was an association with my throat chakra - which I was barely just learning about chakras at the time one year ago - and I was even shown an image through a guided meditation, right there in that huge conference room, of when I first learned it was unsafe to speak my truth - back when I was a child.


It was something I remembered happening, but honestly had not consciously thought about in over 20 years…


My teacher had embarrassed me as I stood at the front of the whole class -  for not being able to demonstrate a math equation from last night’s homework. There I was, 7 years old, all eyes on me - trying to fight back tears with all my might, to save me from the double embarrassment of crying in front of my new classmates.


Whether she meant to or not, I felt berated, shamed, and the deepest sense of mortification I’d ever experienced in my life before that day.  What had happened was, I wasn’t even at school the day before, I was at home with the flu. She then scolded me for not saying that sooner and told me to go sit down.


 It wasn’t drastic - you can see why I thought I would have let it go over the years - but it was deeply hurtful and embarrassing to a little 7 year old girl, by a trusted adult teacher in front of her classmates, at a brand new school. And if it popped up in my mind’s eye out of nowhere at that conference more than 20 years later, clearly it had planted itself somewhere in my subconscious mind.


Why am I sharing this with you?


Because it’s been 1 year and 1 week - and it hit me last night that the Universe has been giving me further pebbles over the course of the last year, to further learn how to speak my truth.


And that when we don’t listen to, or learn from, these pebbles - we start to be given rocks, then boulders - as bigger and bigger signs we are meant to be learning a soul lesson here in this life that we have not picked up on yet.


Or maybe we have learned it - but have not begun acting on it yet.


So what is it for you, beautiful?


What pebbles has the Universe been giving you in your life? What has been repeatedly happening to you in the last few weeks, months, or years?






These can be anything from mild little hiccups in your life, to moderate repetitious patterns, to severe consequences that you may not understand why they “just keep happening” to you.


Take a moment to consider anything negative that has been coming up for you over the last little while -


-    people/clients not paying you money they owe you

-    people taking advantage of you, even in the smallest of ways

-    relationships constantly failing

-    being fired, let go, or laid off

-    your business not growing

-    friends treating you poorly

-    big bills keep coming at you

-    things keep breaking and needing fixing/repair

-    you are in a sad/low energy more often than high vibe and energy



What you can do -



1)    Pay attention to the patterns and repetition in your life. They are not accidents or coincidences - the Big U (Universe) is try to communicate something to you. There is a lesson your soul is meant to learn.

2)    Instead of getting repeatedly frustrated - learn to get curious. Go outside of your own perspective and starting thinking about this situation to your benefit - what are you meant to learn from this? What space is this opening up for you now? What can you take away from this, or what opportunity is now available to you that wasn’t before? Are you being guided to redirect certain aspects of your life, or certain areas of your business? Communicate with you inner guidance for help in whatever way you feel most connected - some examples are stream of consciousness journalling, meditating, yoga, a walk by yourself in nature, sitting by the ocean, lake, river, mountains or trees.

Take immediate action on whatever downloads you receive from this exercise. Even baby steps at first are far more substantial than doing nothing at all. 


If you continue to delay taking action on the lessons and guidances you’ve been given, your pebbles from the Universe will begin turning into boulders.



A personal example I can give is a business relationship I’ve had in the past. I was totally being given little nudges and signs from the Universe that this relationship was not in service of my highest and best purpose.


 But because they were little pebbles, I opted to brush them off instead. To swallow the little pills here and there. To just forget about it, and move on.


Only these pebbles kept happening.


Occasionally at first, and then more and more frequently. Until one day the boulder came to finally shake me up to see the relationship for what it really was, and of course, in hindsight - I could so clearly see all the little pebbles that I had chosen to ignore along the way - which would have saved me this big boulder from ever happening at all.


What’s awesome? I did get to learn a powerful life lesson out of the experience - the importance of speaking my truth.


Now it’s your turn, gorgeous!


You don’t have to wait for the boulder to come like I did.


Think about that sticky area of your life right now. Your finances, your business, your job, relationship, your health, or even friendships. Get curious as to what you are meant to learn from this, see it from all angles and different perspectives. Pretend you are the Universe yourself - what purpose would you have behind these seemingly negative situations - what are you being guided to see, and more importantly, to change?


And think of at least ONE way, starting today, that you can flip the switch and begin to turn that situation around.


-    Are you being lead to start that dream business that’s been on your heart for a long time now?

-    Are you being lead to leave your soul-sucking job and start working in alignment with your purpose?

-    Are you being lead to alter the direction of your business in some way?


Be thankful for these pebbles, rocks, and even boulders, beauty - because they are not stumbling blocks…


They are stepping stones.



Follow Your Heart Always,