I looked up from my computer almost as if for the first time in my office, and panned the four windowless walls surrounding me.


I was 25 years old, and it was as if I had just awakened to my reality.


My life that was the same day, the same week, just playing over and over again on repeat.


Is this really it? I asked myself.

Is this all there is until I retire?


Living for Fridays, wishing for the weekends, sad on Sunday’s that tomorrow is Monday…


Too exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around to really do much, other than rest up for yet another week of the same thing all over again…



Not long after this day, someone close to me would be diagnosed at a young age with a terminal disease - and we would see his last day 11 months later.




I didn’t know then, that his death would be my rebirth.


After a painful grieving process, I rose up into what best-selling author and speaker Brendon Burchard calls “Mortality Motivation.”


It’s that moment you realize deep within your soul - that no next moment is promised.


That you actually may not even reach retirement, if that’s when you’re waiting to take that 3 month dream trip.


That growing older isn’t a curse - it’s a blessing.


And that no moment should be wasted in waiting, hesitation, or fear of the unknown.


I began a search.


The journey towards the life my soul was calling on me to create.


It was the start of what would become one of the greatest adventure’s of my life.


What was my first step?


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Follow Your Heart Always,




If you’re feeling like you’re meant for something more, but can’t quite put your finger on it, tomorrow’s message is for you.

Your soul will thank you - I promise.