I grew up always feeling slightly different, like somehow I didn't quite belong...

I always had friends, I feel so grateful for this.  But I'll be honest, I always felt like I had to mould myself in a certain way to create those friendships, and like an outsider looking in when I would see them with each other.  Like they were happy being their full selves with each other and they were closer because of it...whereas if I were the fullest and truest version of myself, the music would stop playing, everyone would stop dancing, drop their drinks, and stare at me blankly. 

Over the years I have cultivated a close circle of really incredibly beautiful, loving, and encouraging best friends.  They are my everything, and without them, I would be so, so lost.  But still...if I am being 100% truthful...I feel different in some way.  And I could never quite put my finger on it, until recently...

Have you ever felt like this beauty?

Like everyone is merrily going about their life, with all these close bonds and friendships, and though you have friends of your own...you are like that puzzle piece that looks like it should fit, but doesn't?  That sinking feeling of keeping quiet when it comes to expressing yourself truly and fully, and the desires you have for your life, the things you believe in?  That if you truly said all that was on your mind and heart, you might get some blank stares of your own?

Girl...keep reading...

In connecting with countless women over the phone these last few months (and a lot in this last week alone!) over their deepest desires and most limitless dreams, I've realized something many of them all had in common.

They feel alone on their journey too.

It seems the women who realize they were meant for something greater than their current existence, also feel like they are the only person in the world who feels this way, or that this makes them a terribly ungrateful person, and therefore should not openly express it.

It's a pretty lonely way to live, isn't it?

If you are in that space right now of feeling like you are alone, different, or don't quite fit in...

It's because beauty, you were not meant to fit in.

You were born to lead.

Your purpose is higher and greater than you are living right now.

Those big, seemingly impossible dreams in your heart?  They are meant for you. 

They are your purpose.

Worldwide impact.  Changing lives for the better.  A grand ripple effect of all ripple effects...

This is what your soul is aching to tell you.  What your heart is urging for you to do.

You feel like you were meant for more, because YOU ARE meant for more.

You were born, my beautiful soul sister,  to change the world.

Follow Your Heart Always,


Are you ready to feel totally open in fully expressing yourself, your dreams, your beliefs and your desires - in a safe place with other women who totally support (and even resonate with, and encourage) you?  How would it feel to know you are not alone anymore?  These women range from just simply knowing they were meant for more but not being clear on what exactly that is, all the way to the women having realized what their calling is, but are just now beginning to think of creating their purpose-driven business.  No matter where you're at, we will welcome you with open arms, and you will never feel alone again!

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