If I sound different in this newsletter than most - it’s because I’m angry.

For someone that actively promotes, campaigns for, talks about, posts about, and lives and breathes about defining your purpose, creating your dream business, and lighting up the world with it - I got knocked to my knees recently with a realization this week…

I’ve been settling.

The places I’ve been settling in in my life, had become blindspots to me.

Like a thorn in your shoe that bothers you at first, but isn’t life threatening and you’re in the middle of a run and can’t be bothered to stop and remove it.

So you keep jogging, and you try to forget about it - sometimes you do!

Sure, it bothers you from time to time, but you press forward anyway - only to realize when you get home, you’re actually in a great deal of pain - and you regret having just ‘lived with it’ all this time.

Lovely,  I’m talking about;

*  the piece of garbage laptop I’d kept for 4 years too long - (that I was running my business off of!) that kept overheating in the middle of important Skype meetings, coaching calls, and even in the middle of a LIVE INTERVIEW!!! So embarrassing!!

*  the torn underside of my duvet cover on my bed - nobody sees this so I thought I could just ignore it - I was playing small with myself and my worthiness.

*  the hair colour and cut I despised after trying a new stylist

*  the website that was never quite right

*  saying yes to friends and family and clients when I really desire to say no

*  feeling sluggish and slow in my body

*  the sore shoulder that’s been bothering me on/off for over 2 years!

Just to name a few!



What about you beauty?




What are some rocks in your shoe that you’ve just been living with? What is your own BS you are done dealing with?

Take a moment, and jot them down in your phone or on a notepad! Yes I’m serious!!

Because you and me, we can’t live like this.

We can stay alive - yes - but we can’t truly LIVE if we keep allowing these pebbles to pile on top of us - or one day, they will bury us.

This heavy energy weighs us down, gorgeous- and you weren’t meant to be small and bogged down for the rest of your life.

You were born to fly.

And if it doesn’t stop now, then when?

Would you like to try something fun, beauty?

Here’s how you can start to notice an upward trend in your energy starting today.

Remember that BS list you made? Choose at least 1 thing you are going to fix, clear, rectify, or change starting NOW.

Make a commitment to yourself!! You make them to other people all the time - you are worthy of your own promises, too.

And when you’ve checked that one off, choose another. Then another.

Keep going until this list is CLEAR. No excuses. No exceptions!

This is about you setting yourself free, lovely.

You raising your energy, your vibe, your frequency - so the world can rejoice in your brightest light!

When you shine brighter, not only do you feel happier, lighter, and energized - but everyone around you benefits too!!

Let’s think about this for a second. If you were happier, lighter and more energized, would you;

-    be a kinder wife?

-    be a more patient mother?

-    a more loving daughter?

-    a better friend?

-    be a more effective employee/boss/manager?

-    have a smoother running business?

-    attract your ideal clients?

-    maybe even make new friends?


And let’s not overlook;

-    the smiles you would give to strangers who really needed it that day

-    the doors you would hold open for others

-    the extra tips you would leave here and there to your fellow dream chasers working their day job to finance their dreams

-    the warm and thoughtful hugs you take the time to give

-    the compassion you have for anyone who crosses paths with you (rather than judgement)


So you see beauty - it’s not selfish to say no when you really mean no. It’s not selfish to make your health a priority. It IS worth the investment into getting your hair done in a way that makes you feel great about yourself -  And it IS worth the investment into your business to be/do/have all that you need in order to successfully impact the world in whichever way you desire!!!

Just in case you’re wondering, beauty - my BS list I shared with you above - all have been addressed, and I have never felt BETTER!!! (I’m not angry at myself anymore, because I learned what I needed to, and took action based on this realization!! Feeling light, and empowered!!!)

Some of these things have been totally replaced - one thing at a time -  (new duvet cover! new Macbook pro! new website!) and some are an ongoing work in progress (learning to say no more and more!! Slowly but surely eating better and exercising increasingly day after day!!) - but one thing I know for sure is - even the simple act of getting STARTED - will shift your energy immediately. And this energy will sustain you in keeping your forward momentum.

So what will you start with today? 

What I know for sure is, you and I have been brought together for a reason, and because I am obsessed with helping women turn their purpose into their dream business so they can light up the world - I know you’re here because you’re meant for big things.

So please do all of us in the world a favour beauty, and start doing whatever it takes -  to rise up -  and shine on…


Follow Your Heart Always,

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