Hello my beautiful soul sister,

Every time before I write to you, I check in with my inner guide as to what would best serve you to hear right now. 

And the message today was clear…

Beauty, have you been feeling like you are in the middle of a thick fog you can’t seem to shake? 

Like that excitement, your zest for life - has somehow managed to escape you? 

And that no matter what you try - personal growth books, self-help podcasts, journalling, meditating, yoga…you still just can’t find the answers as to what would actually LIGHT YOU UP again? 

If you can relate beauty, keep reading! Today’s message is most definitely for you.

Before we go any further, I'm called to first remind you of something.
Lovely, you

You don’t need to be thinner. You don’t need to be prettier. You don’t need to be funnier, more talented, or smarter. 

That bully that’s been living inside your head - has been getting away with it’s LIES and steering you off-path for far too long now. 

And I’m here today to tell you the truth.


The truth is beauty, you are limitless. 

You were born a child of the same infinite Source that created an entire galaxy, the sun, the moon, and the billions of stars. Miracles, coincidences, serendipitous events, spontaneous healing…these are not accidents. 

And neither are you.

I know you. I see right through the lies your mind has been feeding you, and I KNOW you are powerful beyond belief. 

Anything that’s ever been possible in this world - you can do even better, if you want to. 

Anything that you feel is stopping you right now - you can rise above, if you want to. 

And anything you can dream - you CAN do, if you want to. 

There is just one thing standing between you and the life of your dreams, . 

It’s you. 

And the more time you spend off-path, not listening or following your heart, the more and more lost in the fog you will feel.

Please hear me soul sister <3

With everything going on in the world right now, we NEED soul driven servants of humanity to RISE UP, to see passed the illusions of fear and lies our mind feeds us,  and bring LIGHT back to the planet. 


In other words beauty - if there is a calling in your soul to do something meaningful, purposeful and more fulfilling with your life - NOW is the time. 

Do whatever you can to find out what this is for you - what that spark inside your soul is trying so desperately to guide you towards - and TRUST that your heart will never ever steer you wrong.

That inner nudge in your soul is there for a reason - there are no accidents!

And we need you to step into your power now more than ever, gorgeous <3

Follow Your Heart Always,


If you are having trouble distinguishing between what voices in your mind are real, and which are complete and utter lies designed to keep you safe, still and stuck - check out the book the Untethered Soul by Micheal A Singer. It was definitely a game changer for me!