I’ve got to say, these last 3 weeks I’ve spent with some of my biggest life’s influencers have been a whirlwind of laughs, tears, triumphs, and life-altering epiphanies…

One of my biggest being what I want to share with you today, gorgeous - because, if you’re anything like me, you could use this too.

I’ve been opening up to you more and more these past few letters, about going into overdrive, overwhelm, and seeking the redirection I am so clearly being guided to take.

Of course, this was why so many of these powerhouse teachers have been brought into my life, at exactly the right time.

Because the student was ready.

My kindergarten teacher was the first to notice something was up when I would berate myself for colouring outside of the lines.

I made myself get straight A’s - though nobody else ever put that pressure on me.

I started my first business at 5 years old - lemonade stands. Then a custom greeting card stand. Then 2 paper routes. Then a movie theatre concession job the day Canada said I was legal to work at 14. I’ve been working 1-2 even 3 jobs since then, until I went full time commission as a mortgage broker at 21, destination wedding photographer at 27, and have been grinding ever since.

What about you, beauty?


Have you placed the perfectionist pressure on yourself, too? Otherwise disguised as Type A, and/or a control freak?

Speeding from one moment to the next, one goal to the next?





Then I have a question for you beauty.

It was asked of me just 2 weeks ago, and it shook up my whole world.

Here it is…


What are you running from?

Let’s go back to your earliest memory of when it all began.

How old were you?

When was the moment you decided you needed to start being perfect? That you weren’t good enough as you are? That you needed outside approval in order to feel loved, worthy, or supported?

When did you decide that you needed to control everything around you, because if you let go, everything would fall apart?

This is a heavy question, lovely.  One that I would love for you to give yourself 15-20 minutes to reflect on in a journey entry or meditation, and really get to the bottom of.

We cannot release our shadows by running from them, a shadow always follows right behind, no matter how fast we go.

But when we shed light on our shadows, we are set free from them.

We are free to stop running.

And when we become free to stop running, our life becomes our own.

We can walk when we want to walk - stop and smell the roses on this journey we call life.

We can run when it feels good and right and playful to run through the grass, like we did when we were little girls.

And we become free to fly in our lives, in our businesses…in our purpose.


I feel so free now, beauty.  I feel as if about 1000 lbs have been lifted off of my shoulders and chest. I feel like I can finally grow my business, dreams, and life in a way that is peaceful, expansive and enjoyable.

Prosperous, and abundant - in all ways. 

Now it’s your turn, beauty.

Please, give yourself this gift. If you recognize any of yourself in me, please give yourself these 15 or 20 minutes to get still, find your shadows, and shine your light on them.

Because the more light you shine onto your shadows, the bigger, better, and more powerfully you can serve the world.

And I know we both have that desire in common, too.

Gorgeous, you are worthy. You are loved. You are completely and endlessly supported.

And you are enough, just the way you are.


Follow Your Heart Always,