We awoke in practically the middle of the night...

( not a morning person over here ) and headed out on our 3 day road trip from Vancouver Island to La Jolla ( San Diego ) California.

Rather than race to see how fast we could get the drive over with, my hubby Graham and I both wanted to enjoy the journey together. We made no plans or commitments, just had a few ideas in mind of what we'd like to do.

I'm so grateful Graham actually appreciates shopping. I never feel rushed, and he enjoys himself too. We stopped at Kate Spade, Coach, Nike and Under Armour. I'm sure you can guess which stops were for whom.

We both love the ocean, so there were plenty of stops along the Oregon Coast and Southern Californian coast - my favourite being Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur!


But our stroll along the beach in Carmel-by-the-Sea gave us the pleasure of watching dolphins cruise along the coastline, before we walked a few blocks up into the quaint little beach town and ate breakfast at a local fresh bakery and window shopped as we leisurely window shopped.

Asia ( our 10 year old fur baby ) wassuper grateful for the water many of the shops kept outside their door - so nice!




We continued our drive, winding along the coast past Hearst Castle, and Elephant Seal beach where we saw dozens of elephant seals soaking up the sun. Some points of our drive were 36 degrees outside!

I loved watching the waves crash up against the cliffs of the shoreline below us as we cruised to the perfect happy/laid back driving music, and watching the sun slowly sink over the west coast horizon. 

Towards the end of our drive, we approached the dreaded LA traffic. It was night time but still busy, and with the added glare of headlights it can feel even more daunting for a small town girl from Canada.

But it didn't seem to phase me much, even though one of my biggest fears (until my first time doing this same drive last Fall) has been driving in big cities. The thought alone would give me anxiety and sweaty palms.

So why so relaxed?

I realized that as long as I just kept focused on my own lane and the 50 feet ahead of me, it felt just the same as driving on any other road back home.

The only time I felt a bit on edge is when I looked up and saw the 10 lanes of traffic rushing all around me.

And then it hit me...

It's just the same way when running your dream business.

If you look around at what everyone else is doing, how fast they are going, how successful or happy they appear to be - it can feel daunting and overwhelming to you. 

But if you can just keep focused on your own lane and the 50 feet ahead of you - you'll feel relaxed and in your flow - no matter what is going on around you.

I'll be spending the next couple days moving into our new condo in La Jolla - a dream of mine that even earlier this year I didn't believe would be coming true anytime soon.

And I can tell you, if I spent the last 6 months comparing myself and looking around at what everyone else was doing, I would have gotten way too distracted and down on myself to get here.

If your neck is going side to side, you won't move forward very fast.

And I know you were meant for big things in the world beauty!!

So if you find yourself comparing or looking around too much, forgive yourself first, and then redirect your gaze on your own unique path. It's waiting for you to hit the gas and cruise with it.

Turn up your favourite music, sing along, and keep moving forward along the journey to your dreams.

Heck, roll down the window and let the wind blow through your hair - and turn that music up a notch.

You got this, beauty, and the more fun you have with doing it your own way, the better...

Follow Your Heart Always,