At one of the most terrifying times in my life, there were 6 words that helped me push through my barracade of fear, and into the life of my dreams.

I was leaving my career in finance. The office job that afforded me a comfortable lifestyle, peace of mind, and a reliable income. I had two mortgages, a car payment, bills, and a life to pay for. And for a while I used these as my excuses.  In doing so, my reward was to stay stuck, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

But after the unexpected loss of someone I truly loved, I realized that I couldn't continue living my life like I had 100 years left, when not even tomorrow is guaranteed. 

I decided then it was time  to go after the life I WANTED, because up until then, I had built the life I thought I was supposed to.

But then my head crashed the party, and filled my whole body with dread and fear. Telling me I was being ridiculous! Take pictures for a living?!?! In a small town?!  There are millions of photographers out there already, and far, far more talented than you. Why would anyone pay you?!  Be more realistic, Jen. You should just be grateful for what you have! And what about when you fail - you will be the laughing stock of the town. You shouldn't do it. You'll regret it.

Do you know this voice too, beautiful? The one that knows every intimate detail of your biggest fears, and pits them against you to keep you small and safe...and stuck?

I know what it's like. I truly, truly get it.

As I was swirling around in the sea of self-doubt, second guessing, and over-analysis paralysis....I read the words of someone I looked up to. Someone I aspired to be like some day.

She said - Jump, and the net will appear. 

So often in life we choose to wait until our circumstances get better, before we'll invest in ourselves or make a lifestyle change. We wait until we have more money. We wait until we have more time. We wait until after Christmas. We wait until Monday. We wait for the new year. We wait until our birthday. We wait. Then we wait. Then we wait some more. There's always some reason to keep waiting. 

And before we know it...we've waited entire years  away.

I've learned that the perfect time never comes. There is never extra money just aimlessly floating around, or suddenly more time in a day. I've learned that if we wait for the "right time" we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.

The GREAT NEWS is, when we jump in, when we truly commit to our goals, our dreams, when we declare to the universe I'M IN - LET'S DO THIS!!! THIS is when the magic happens. After you have jumped. After you have committed. 

I committed to my dream of being a worldwide wedding photographer. It wasn't because I learned how to be was because I learned I had the choice. The choice to feel the fear...and do it anyway. I told my inner critic she was no longer the boss of me.  And even though she never quit...

But neither did I.



I became that photographer I had dreamed of becoming.

I discovered what it felt like to fly. 

And this is what I want for you, beautiful. 

I want you to feel what it's like to finally use those wings you have been keeping tied up for far too long now. To soar amongst the clouds, knowing that you are in your flow. The one you came here to be in. For you to discover what it is your heart has been whispering to you. To step into the life that you were always meant to live. Your passion. Your purpose.  

For me, the biggest regret I could ever have in my final days is not that I failed and became the laughing stock of my town....but instead that I leave this life never knowing what might have been. 

If it is in your heart beauty, it is MEANT for you.

And if it's possible in the world, it's possible for you. 

I do have a little secret for you. As much as I've learned the universe WILL provide a net once you finally take the leap towards your'll never actually need it.

Because you, my incredibly beautiuful friend, well you'll be too busy flying instead 

Follow Your Heart Always (it's the one that knows the way),




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