I’ll never forget the time I almost drowned, lovely.

It had always been my number one fear of how my life would end, and here I was, experiencing the sheer electric terror pulsing through my body, as I battled with a rushing river - for my life.

I was in a floaty device on a river a few summers ago, that had tipped over in some rapids. I went from enjoying myself, to flipped upside down and under water so fast I couldn’t even wrap my head around where I was at first.

Time seemed to pass by in slow motion, and the thought flashed through my mind that this was it. “This is how it ends…”

I was so disorientated I didn’t know how to find air, so I could breathe again. 

I couldn’t figure out which way was up.


I have a lot of big shifts and life changes going on in the background right now, gorgeous.

The truth is, I don’t even know where I’ll be living next month. All I know is, it won’t be here in my Vancouver Island home where I’ve spent the summer with friends and family - It will be somewhere back in my spiritual home of San Diego.

I don’t even know what country I’ll call home 6 months from now. Will my application go through for a permanent stay in the USA? Am I meant to live part time in Canada? Somewhere else?!

It’s unsettling, and it makes it super challenging to make any kind of major life decisions I wish I could make at present.

There are also shifts going on in my personal life, new discoveries and healings, growing and stretching beyond the perceived boundaries of who I once thought I was.

Though these are all good things, what they all have in common is that they are new, uncharted territory.

The unknown.

And I don’t get to know all the answers in advance.

Though this used to be terrifying for me - such as the time I left my 9-5 to pursue my childhood dream business of destination wedding photography and was near paralyzed with fear - I’ve definitely built up a strong trust with the Universe now, and fully feel guided and supported by the unseen. I trust everything is always happening for me, no matter how it first appears in my reality - and especially when I don’t have all the answers yet.

Because I am clear on the WHY for my life, the purpose that propels my soul - I always know which way is up.

Remember when I was underwater, beautiful, so disorientated I couldn’t find my way back up to air? When I was scrambling, kicking and clawing - when my mind was telling me I was going to die, that this was it for me…

Do you know what guided me back to life?

When I stopped the forced struggling and paid attention to which way my body naturally wanted to flow.

It wanted to float to the surface!

When I felt which way my body wanted to go, I turned in that direction, and swam up for my first big gulp of fresh air - using that flow as my momentum.

I’ve learned life and business is a lot like this experience, beauty.

If we are so stuck in our head, so fooled by ego and the fears it creates (the excuses, the delays, the self-doubt..) - it’s like we are scrambling, kicking and clawing for happiness - when all we have to do is relax and listen. Feel into where our soul naturally wants to go.

And then take the inspired action to propel us in that direction.

We’re always being guided to our highest and best selves, our highest and best purpose, our highest and best life.

The fresh clean air of living in alignment with our dreams (our purpose!) is where our soul is naturally designed to guide us back to.

Because I have clarity in my purpose, I always know which way is up in creating my highest and best life now.

Instead of struggling, fearing, procrastinating - I can turn in the direction I’m meant to go, and move effortlessly in the right direction.

This is often referred to as being in your flow.

Other people call it being ‘lucky.’

But it’s not luck that your body floats from water up to air.

And it’s not luck that is trying to guide your soul from misalignment (unhappiness at a job, that feeling of unfulfillment in your heart, or that inner nudge you were meant for something greater)

-    to freedom and fulfillment.

You have these desires in your heart for a reason, beauty - because they are meant for you.


Once I was able to get clear on which way was up, I could relax and use the momentum of my body to get where I needed to go to breathe again.



And once you are able to get clear on your purpose - you will have this same experience, in creating the life and business of your dreams.

I’ve been listening to my own inner guide all along the creation of my business, and it’s been the most fulfilling journey of my life to date.

I know in my soul I am now doing what I was brought into the world to do, to create, and to share - and there is no greater feeling than that!

I am creating a life better than I ever would have dreamed possible.

And you can too, beauty.

To me, nothing beats the feeling of positively impacting another human being’s life for the better.

And this is what I want for you, gorgeous.


•       A life where you create the rules.


•       You decide where you live, and you design what your day looks like.


•       You choose when to wake up in the morning.


•       You serve others in a way that’s in powerful alignment with your heart and soul.


•       A life where you feel free and fulfilled every single day of your life.

The first step in creating this life, is knowing which way is up for the fresh soul air. What direction are you meant to be swimming in? Where is your flow?

I know now this is why I felt a powerful pull to create a way for you to find out.

I was ‘told’ to create this brand new 6 month 1x1 private coaching + mentoring program for you beauty, because it’s time you step into your power. Your flow. Your purpose.

I know what it’s like to scramble, struggle, worry and fear - and this isn’t what you were born for.

You were meant to impact the world in a way that only you can, beauty.

And believe it or not, the lives you are meant to effect - are already waiting for you.

For you to get into alignment with your purpose, and start living it to the fullest!!!!!!!!

So if you are ready to end the forcefulness and get into your flow - be sure to get started on your Six Months to Six Figure Success ~ The Purposeful Path to Prosperity journey right away!!!!!!!!

I was vibrating as I created it for you, and the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been TREMENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!

This is your way out, beauty -  from struggle to flow, from wishing to living, from wondering to knowing. Click here if you are ready to find the deepest sense of alignment and purpose in your life, so you can get the clarity you need to begin moving swiftly in the direction you are yearning for.

It’s time you create the business of your dreams, so you can create a life better than your dreams.

I’ll guide you from that foggy idea of what you wish you were sharing with the world, to clearly defining your purpose in this life, and every single step of the way from $0 to six figures - making your dream life and business, your reality.

Imagine what your life could look and feel like just 6 months from now, if you took this single step, today.

If your heart is tugging you to go ahead with this, please beautiful, do not let ego keep your soul struggling for air any longer.

We’re in this together my beautiful soul sister - it’s time you find your way up.

Follow Your Heart Always,


It’s so much easier to put things off, to delay until next week or next month or even next year…We feel like we’ll have more time or money or energy then. If nothing else beauty, I want you to know that this is a charismatic way of the ego to delay your destiny. And until you finally say “enough! I’m not listening to you anymore” and start taking steps into the uncharted territory of your heart and soul’s guidance - you will continue to feel lack of time, energy, and money.

Which will you choose to listen to, today? Spaces are running out beauty - it’s time…