I thought it would make me feel like I fit in…
As a pre-teen I thought if I was friends with the right people, if they would accept me, then that would mean I could accept me too.
Until then I had to act how they acted. Laugh when they laughed. Dress how they dressed, and spoke like they spoke.
I needed to know what all the “in” styles were, the hot brand names, which music groups to like, and how to wear my hair.
I believed what they believed, liked what they liked, and scorned what they didn’t.
I thought if I was prettier, thinner, more popular, I would be happy.
And it didn’t stop in my teenage years, the rules just changed.
It became more about what school I was planning to go to, what degree I would be getting.
What my career would be, what my salary would look like, and how much did I weigh.
Then it was how big my house was, and in what neighbourhood. What kind of car did I drive, how many trips did I go on…
What about you, beauty?
Maybe you have been in the practice of perfecting yourself like I have (for all the wrong reasons).
Maybe you feel like your self-worth is dependent upon what everyone else thinks and perceives of you.
Maybe your perception of other people’s perception of you - has been dictating your life in a major way without you even realizing it.
Trust me, I get it.
In fact, it felt like the carpet got ripped out from under me when I realized I had spent my whole life looking for external validation. For external reasons to love myself. And that once I was perfect, I would give myself the permission to do so.
I spent a lot of my teenage years and twenties expending so much energy in the name of “fitting in.” - Because in truth, I felt like an outcast.
That if I was perfect at this, they would like me.
If I was better at that, I could like me. I always say I’m a recovering perfectionist.
Are you?
Recently while I was in Bali, I had a number of intuitive “downloads” - and this was by far, one of the biggest for me.
Click HERE (or the image below) if you are ready to release perfection with me, gorgeous…
It’s time we set ourselves free to become the truth of who we really are. It’s time for you to remember why you are here beauty, and what you are meant to be doing in this life.
You are meant to shine bright as your fully expressed, unapologetic self, beauty, and in doing so, give others permission to do and be the same…
It’s your time, Beautiful.
Follow Your Heart Always,